Bizarre Apex Legends bug is catapulting players to their deaths on Olympus

Apex Legends Olympus gameplayRespawn Entertainment

An amusing yet devastating bug in Apex Legends is launching players higher than they’ve ever been before. So high in fact, that it outright crashes the game.

Glitches are always a hot topic in Respawn’s hugely popular battle royale. While some can be lighthearted, bringing a smile to your face. Meanwhile, others can be infuriating, taking control out of your hands. 

The latest puzzling issue in Apex is a mixed bag. It’s equal parts amusing and frustrating as players are being launched sky-high on Olympus. 

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Just through an awkward bit of collision, Legends can be shot into the sky with a brand new look at the latest map. But you can’t enjoy the view for too long, as everything comes crashing down, quite literally.

“This is a game-breaking experience,” Reddit user ‘Jolly-Moment’ shared on December 20. They were casually riding through Olympus with their team before disaster struck. Running up a staircase outside the lab turned out to be the final part of their run.

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Allies were jokingly crashing into them before it all went south. One wrong hit and they were awkwardly smashed up against a wall. In just a split moment they went from being grounded to being catapulted into the sky.

A “Get Back in the Ring” warning remained stuck on-screen while they were trapped floating above the map. There was nothing they could do to float back down and no way they could reconnect with their teammates. 

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It was all doomed from this point forward as all three players were allegedly booted from the game as well. “All our games crashed after this,” they added. What seemed amusing at first quickly put a stop to their session.

Apex Legends TridentRespawn Entertainment
The Trident vehicle is what led to this game-breaking problem.

This should serve as a lesson to the driver of your team. Even the most innocent little bumps to a player on-foot could quite literally break the game. All the more reason to be careful and avoid collision where possible.

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It seems to be a totally random collision issue on that section of the map. So don’t expect to be able to recreate this one easily in your own games.

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