Bangalore buff idea in Apex Legends gives her Titanfall’s electric smoke

Alan Bernal
Bangalore in Apex Legends for Titanfall 2 related buff update

[jwplayer cgdaanpd]A creative way of combining assets already in Apex Legends would give Bangalore players a powerful tool inspired by Titanfall’s electric smoke.

Even though the Lost Treasures update made improvements to a sizable portion of the Apex roster, Bangalore was left out of this round of patch improvements. As far as pick-priority goes, the former IMC recruit doesn’t score high against the likes of Wattson, Wraith, or Pathfinder.

To give the Legend a bit more indirect firepower in her ability kit, user ‘cxllum02’ suggested that there be an interaction between useful Arc Stars and Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher to make her AoE ability deal damage.

“I thought it would be cool if we threw an arc star into Bangalore’s smoke. It would create the electric smoke from Titanfall 2,” they said.

Electric smoke from Titans in Titanfall 2 can be used in Apex Legends Arc stars and Bangalore.
Bangalore could make use of something similar to Titanfall’s electric smoke.

They accompanied the idea with side by side pictures of how Bangalore’s smoke looks now with an Arc Star accompanying along with a screenshot of Titanfall showing a mech’s tactical ability being activated.

A buff like this would be a great way to rework concepts already inside Apex Legends to create something that would greatly benefit Bangalore.

As it stands, the Legend is classified as an Offensive-type character, although none of her abilities are exactly made to deal damage. Her smokes are great for repositioning, her Double Time can be used to return fire then quickly get to cover, and her Rolling Thunder is good to advance on a push (or create distance to escape a team) but hardly to deal a killing blow.

The practical effect would be kind of similar to how Caustic’s Nox Gas works. But because of her ability to launch a gas can at long-range, it could be a great way to clear out structures or funnel opponents to a particular path.

This would open up the offensive capabilities for teams deploying with the Legend, and would be a creative way to revamp a character that can sometimes get overshadowed by other Legends with far more tools than her.

As the Respawn devs continue to balance their roster, some players would be interested to see the devs incorporate a buff like this for Bangalore.

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