Ash is one change away from living up to her potential in Apex Legends

Declan Mclaughlin
Apex Legends Ash buffs

Ash is a fan-favorite Apex Legends character, but Respawn seems insistent on keeping her a middle-of-the-pack Legend because she could be a top-tier fighter with a single change.

Ash was introduced into the game in Season 11, and the community almost immediately gravitated toward her due to her loaded kit and Titanfall 2 roots. On paper, she’s got a lot going for her.

The Legend, however, hasn’t ever lived up to its potential in the Battle Royale as Ash’s pick rate and win rate have always been disappointing. Ash has one of the lowest win and pick rates in the highest-ranked lobbies, and is just outside of the top 15 in pick rates across all ranks.

Respawn would only need to make one buff or quality of life adjustment to beef up those numbers for the hunter. The developers just need to tinker with her ultimate or snare ability slightly.

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Ash could be one of the most broken Legends in the game.

Ash’s Ultimate, Phase Breach, needs a longer maximum range. Her kit revolves around tracking enemies with her passive, teleporting to their location with her Ultimate, and then snaring enemies with her tactical ability.

However, in her current state where her ultimate only reaches 63 meters, hunting down enemies is a little less feasible than with other Legends like Pathfinder and Wraith. It relegates her ultimate to being used more as a utility/repositioning tool than something she can use to get the drop on her opponent.

Another option Respawn could try is to make Ash’s Arc Snare more powerful.

First off, the ability should already be able to snare multiple targets without Legend Upgrades. This would free up the upgrades to be more varied, perhaps adding a status effect that can prevent the enemy from healing & using abilities or damage-over-time effects.

Players have been consistent in what they want out of the Legend, and it wouldn’t take much to bring her up to speed with the top-tier characters in the game. However Respawn tries to buff Ash, it should help the seemingly forgotten Legend to the power level that its kit presents it to be.

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