Apex Legends players demand simple change to Caustic ability

Declan Mclaughlin
Caustic Apex Legends gas

Apex Legends players have asked for what seems to be a reasonable change to Caustic and his barrel traps.

Apex Legends can be a fast-paced shooter that forces players to make instant decisions based on what they see on screen like enemy and ally abilities.

Player’s screens can easily be filled with enemy and ally traps and abilities that need to be distinguishable from each other to make a quick decision.

In a recent Reddit post, the community asked Respawn to address problems with discerning between enemy and ally traps for Caustic.

Apex Legends want simple Caustic change

Caustic’s tactical ability is Nox Gas Traps, which place cans that fire out gas when damaged or when enemies are near. One Apex player asked whether the developer could help make ally Caustic traps a different color from enemy ones.

They explain that other Legends, like Wattson and Conduit, have different colors for ally and enemy traps so Caustic should also have the same feature.

“Enemy barrels look the same as friendly ones. This is especially a problem in mixtape. Like so much is going on especially when there are multiple Caustics on each team, it’s chaos, and there’s no way to tell whether the barrel that was placed is for your team or the enemy.

“There are some times I accidentally shot down our barrels, and then you don’t know if the Caustic gas is friendly or not, and knowing this would be crucial in deciding whether to push through the gas or not,” the post said.

Other players agreed, saying it sounds like an easy adjustment that would improve the game dramatically.

“Such a small change for a huge QOL improvement. Should have been done years ago,” one commenter said.

Some users pointed out that friendly traps can be seen through walls and should have a slight glow to them, but conceded that this wouldn’t be a bad change.

Whether Respawn will make this change remains unknown. The developer has been praised for its recent season of content and changes, so this seemingly small improvement would only further please the player base.