Apex Legends cosplayer brings Bloodhound into real life

Joe Craven

One dedicated Apex Legends fan has shared their incredible Bloodhound cosplay, bring the Technological Tracker to life in a way very few cosplayers could. 

When it comes to Apex Legends, the game’s community has become well known for engaging with the game, regularly sharing their legend concepts, skin concepts and much more.

Among these fan creations are cosplays – unsurprising given the color and creativity with which Respawn brought Apex Legends to life. Some characters are more popular than others to cosplay, with legends like Wraith, Wattson and Lifeline being among the most chosen.

Bloodhound, however, is some way down the list. His intricate, detailed mask and scarlet overalls are hard to recreate, but that hasn’t stopped one dedicated fan from taking on the challenge.

Redditor ‘Norivannaa‘ shared a recent snap from their Bloodhound photo shoot, and it’s fair to say we’ve been blown away by the standard of this cosplay.

The tracker’s deep overalls and armor are recreated to a tee, while the haunting mask adds some darkness to the forest photo shoot. They’ve even topped off the cosplay with a replica knife. It’s not quite his axe heirloom, but we’re willing to forgive them given the time and effort that has clearly gone into the cosplay.

They also shared more snaps on their Facebook page, offering a different angle of the incredible outfit.

Bloodhound Cosplay
Another look at the jaw-dropping cosplay.

The cosplay stands side by side with some of the best cosplays we’ve brought you, like this incredible Wraith look. 

It is, quite simply, one of the best Bloodhound cosplays we’ve ever seen, and a testament to the lengths some fans will go to in order to perfect their cosplays.