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Apex Legends

Respawn developer hits out at Apex Legends leakers who “ruin” the game

Published: 28/Jan/2020 2:14

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Entertainment Project Lead Drew McCoy hit out at the types of leaks that “ruin” the game, in the aftermath of the events that led up to Apex Legends Season 4’s big surprise.

Games as a service have given rise to leakers and data miners who stay on top of every update or mistakes from studios to share online with their following. Leaks for Apex Legends range from routine cosmetic releases to major story plots revealed before the devs get to announce them.

But sometimes there are discoveries that could spoil a huge plot twist that the studio could have been working on for months.

Leaks come in all forms for Apex Legends, with a surge of them happening before a new season.

For Apex, there have been a few instances of that being the case, the latest coming in the form of a crucial interaction between Forge and Revenant that prematurely came online and quickly spread across the web.

In the hours after Respawn publically released the video which seemingly held Forge’s fate, McCoy touched on the topic of leaks with Apex fans.

“Leaks are the absolute worst. I’ve never worked on a single project where it was purposeful or wanted,” McCoy said. “We spend insane amounts of time and energy to create cool surprises. Really sucks when someone wants internet points bad enough to ruin that.”

Senior Animator at Respawn, Moy Parra, voiced disapproval for the leaks, but was more focused on the “silver line.”

The devs’ reactions to the amount of leaks spurred a conversation online between people who supported the view and those who say leaks could be good for a title like Apex Legends.

“Leaks build hype,” said ‘Desu,’ who describes themselves as an admin for prominent dataminer ‘That1MiningGuy. “They encourage people to keep playing, they show what is to come. If we didn’t have these leaks we’d just be blindly hoping for another event and LTM till the next season. Surprises are great, but keeping the player base active and excited is better.”

In fact, That1MiningGuy said he was willing to remove everything he’s published about Apex, but says that the content he’s posted has received “encouragement” from Respawn.

“Drew [McCoy], I’m a big fan of yours, and am willing to straight-up delete everything I can regarding Apex if you want me to,” That1MiningGuy said. “The direct addresses to me have been encouraging/saying it’s fair game what I do.”

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev reveals brutal finisher they scrapped from the game

Published: 30/Oct/2020 10:03

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends dev Moy Parra has revealed a finisher for Bloodhound that was scrapped before the launch of the battle royale – and it might be the most gruesome one we’ve seen.

With each new season in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment releases a new legend, tonnes of skins and cosmetics in the battle pass, and as we’ve seen more recently, quest lines to further the story of the Apex Games.

These new legends, skins, and items, as we’ve seen before, are typically in development way before they are released and end up finding their way onto the internet either through leaks or official reveals from Respawn themselves. 

However, there’s also a lot that gets left on the cutting room floor. Ideas for the legends that don’t quite fit, or skins that maybe don’t quite match some of the extravagant looks that already in-game. 

Bloodhound in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Bloodhound has become one of Apex’s most powerful legends over the last few seasons.

The same goes for animations surrounding things like finishing moves. Typically, this can be because they cause bugs and other issues, but sometimes it can be because a move is way too over the top. 

Apex Legends dev Moy Parra, who has revealed some scrapped content before, showed off one of the scrapped finishers for Bloodhound that went a bit over the top. 

The dev showed that one of the initial ideas for Bloodhound would have the legend finish enemies off by sticking a pole into their head. If you think that sounds bad, it gets worse. The technological tracker would also pull on the pole, seemingly beheading their downed opponent. 

As Parra notes, that type of execution might have stuck around if Apex received a similar mature rating as Titanfall, but instead, the battle royale is only a Teen rated title. 

There might be some scope to add more finishers for each legend in the future, but they certainly won’t be as explicit as some of the first ideas that Respawn had.