Apex Legends Season 4 theory predicts how Rosie will arrive

Calum Patterson
animated face of Rosie on black background with apex legends season 4 logo

Forge has been confirmed as the next character coming to Apex Legends for Season 4 – or has he? Due to leaks and rumors, fans are speculating that Respawn has a trick up their sleeve, and one theory has caught the attention of avid players.

With Season 4 just around the corner, starting on February 4, Respawn unveiled Forge as the next Legend. This was a surprise to many, as leaks had suggested Revenant or Rosie (aka Loba) were shoo-ins for the new season.

But, it appears the developers have more to reveal, as leakers have since found new images of Revenant. One even allegedly came from a leaked trailer, showing the spooky character sneaking up behind Forge.

With all the strangeness going on, speculation has been rife. Amid all the confusion, one fan has put together a unique, and somewhat extravagant theory, about what the developers could have planned.

The fan, u/lvleye316, theorizes that Revenant will, in fact, kill Forge out of spite, believing that the spot in the Apex games should be his instead.

Where the theory gets interesting though, is the return of Rosie/Loba. This legend was one of the first to ever be leaked, but rumors have gone quiet. The theory suggests Rosie may be required to bring back Forge, using the labs set up by Hammond Robotics.

This fan’s theory has sparked conversation among the community.

While we can’t say whether any of this is realistic, we do know that Hammond Robotics – which previously came from the Titanfall universe – will likely have some part to play in Season 4.

On January 25, the official Apex Legends Twitter account, currently rebranded as ‘Outlands Television, posted this image.

The cause of the ‘damage’ to the new facility is unexplained, but there’s a good chance whatever it is somehow linked to the lore of the fourth season.

Most have guessed that Revenant is the mischievous fiend behind the damage, which would line up nicely with this fan’s theory.

Surely, Respawn will not add three new legends in Season 4. So far, they’ve only done one per season, so even two would be more than expected.

Currently, fans and leakers alike are being left scratching their heads as to what exactly the developers have planned. The speculation and theories are certainly good fun in the meantime until February 4 rolls around.

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