Apex Legends update 1.77 patch notes: Prowler & L-STAR nerf, Arenas price changes

. 11 months ago
Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment shipped a few key changes on August 10 with the Apex Legends 1.78 update that fixed some bugs with Seer’s abilities. The company also said they’ll be nerfing the Prowler and L-Star, while raising prices for them in Arenas.

Both weapons getting nerfed looked like instant favorites after the Season 10: Emergence update. People knew that the L-Star would get more attention this time around, which gave the studio plenty of info for some balances.

However, a minor update has already launched in Apex that addressed early concerns with Seer and a bizarre interaction that occurred with Fuse and Wattson.

Respawn likes to get an early handle on Apex’s game-state in the early portion of every season, and this time is no exception.

Apex Legends update 1.77 – August 10

Seer bug fix

Seer had a really strong debut in the power rankings when he arrived in Apex. But he’s been dominating the Season 10 meta, so the devs are looking into balance changes to ultimately nerf Seer soon.

While we wait for those changes to come, Respawn are fixing some issues that have cropped up with the new Legend.

There’s a few bugs with Seer that would be best if it were addressed, but the studio seems like they’re hot on the case to iron out any problems.

Prowler, L-Star nerfs

Ever since the start of the Season 10 update, there’s been calls from the community to nerf the Prowler. Now that the Prowler is out of the supply drops, people have been calling it OP and want some tweaks to it.

Respawn will test the waters with an upcoming update that will slightly reduce its damage from 15 down to 14, to see if that should help the problem.

Meanwhile, the L-Star has been causing mayhem lately and the devs are likewise experimenting with smaller changes to see how they affect the weapon. For now, ADSing with the L-Star is going to get slower.

Respawn Entertainment
The Prowler has been really strong in Apex Legends Season 10, and Respawn are experimenting with slight nerfs to cool it down.

Both weapons will also see an increase in price for Arenas. They’re still going to be really great options to run with, so Respawn wants to readjust the prices for buying into the guns.

With most balance changes to Seer coming next week, Respawn are making sure to get out small fixes now to help the game’s state. Take a look at the complete patch notes for the Apex Legends 1.78 update down below.

Apex Legends 1.78 patch notes

The following was posted by Respawn:

  • Fixes bugs with Seer’s abilities
  • Solves a script error that was sometimes triggered by an interaction between Fuse’s ult and Wattson’s ult

Later today we’ll also ship a quick balance patch that:

  • Reduces Prowler damage from 15>14
  • Reduces speed while ADSing with the L-Star
  • Fixes a map hole near Climatizer
  • Raises prices for the Prowler and L-Star in Arenas

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