Slow-mo lobbies return to plague Apex Legends in Season 10

Alex Garton
Apex Legends slow mo

Slow-mo lobbies have made a return in Apex Legends Season 10 and although some players hate the floaty gameplay, others love playing Respawn’s battle royale at half-speed.

While the majority of bugs and issues in Apex Legends have a negative impact on the gameplay experience, there are a few that can enhance it.

With the low-gravity glitch in the Practice Range being a prime example, players can spend hours jumping around and using their abilities while floating through the air.

However, when these effects apply to your movement as well and take place in the main battle royale mode, some players can become a little more frustrated.

Well, that’s exactly what happens when you end up in a slow-mo lobby, and they’ve returned in Season 10.

Horizon Apex Legends
Players cannot activate a slow-mo lobby, finding one all comes down to luck.

Slow-mo lobbies are back in Apex Legends Season 10

Slow-mo lobbies are very different from a typical bug or glitch, as they’re related to the game’s servers. As Apex’s servers run at 20Hz, it means they simulate the world state once every 50ms.

If this process takes more than 50ms consistently, it will slow down the game so the server can finish the simulation, creating a slow-mo match.

In a ‘Common Issues’ dev blog, Respawn highlighted that the most likely cause for the issue is a machine running poorly at the data center, so it’s usually not a problem on the player’s end.

Reddit user Llamaman61 showcased exactly what a slow-mo server looks like in Season 10, with players attempting to make their way across the map at half speed.

While some members of the community love encountering these lobbies, others wish Respawn would eradicate the issue for good.

Despite this, it’s clear the slow-mo matches are stilling popping up in Season 10, so we’ll have to see if the devs address the issue with another announcement or blog post.