Apex Legends players want iconic Titanfall 2 maps in Arenas mode

Alan Bernal
titanfall apex legends arenas

Respawn’s Titanfall has a ton of iconic locales from its past, and Apex Legends players have been picking their favorites to add in the small-scale Arenas mode.

The Apex Legends community has been looking back at popular locales from Titanfall history and picking which ones they’d like to see make an appearance (or at least homage) in the 3v3 playlist.

It started with user ‘SkEpTiCmONo’ suggesting Ash’s Simulation Dome from Titanfall 2’s campaign would be fun to have in Arenas mode, which started to get the ball rolling for other popular maps.

Of course, there’s a lot of lore-finagling that either Respawn would have to account for or we, as a player base, can just forgive and forget simply to have more Titanfall content in Apex. In either case, there were great suggestions that could be mashed into one map so it wouldn’t be too small.

Simulation Dome

titanfall Simulation Dome apex legends arenas
Simulation Dome already looks like POIs we have in Apex Legends.

As mentioned above, a locale that Titanfall 2 fans would love, Ash’s Simulation Dome. Titanfall designs are generally made for vertical combat due to the beloved wall-running mechanic, but since there’s no such plans for Apex, a few tweaks would have to be made.

After that, the Simulation Dome could make it a really good addition for a larger Arenas map and would be fun to play.


titanfall township apex legends arenas
Township was a fan-favorite back in Titanfall 2.

A lot of Apex players had Live Fire maps in mind for natural reasons, and Township is a standout. With ample room for close-quarter mayhem and outplay potential, the TF2 map has the potential to be a brutal addition to Arenas.


titanfall stacks apex legends arenas
A version of Stacks would make for a bloody addition to an Arenas map.

One of the first Live Fire maps, Stacks could be one of those Arenas spots that can have classic Apex combat. It’s a basic layout with rows of containers that could keep the quick firefights in Arenas intact while letting teams set up for advantageous fights.


titanfall deck apex legends arenas
Deck could easily have another life with an overhaul for Arenas.

Taking off the outer shell could make Deck an interesting place to have players duke it out in the fast-paced mode.

Characters like Loba and Octane would have some of the best opportunities to shine while giving legends like Crypto and Bloodhound tons of value for their info-gathering abilities.


titanfall boomtown apex legends arenas
Boomtown held some of the best action in Titanfall, and a scaled down version could be fun for Arenas.

A staple of TF2 multiplayer, Boomtown could easily make a comeback with an Arenas recreation of some sort. From a gameplay perspective, it would give either trio in a round a chance for offense and defense.

While some Titanfall maps would have to be expanded a bit to be a suitable Arenas POI, cutting down the best parts of Boomtown could fit in nicely for the Apex mode.

Some locations you see in Arenas were built from the ground up specifically for the mode. If Respawn would pay homage to any Titanfall locations, they’d likely go through some sort of redesign regardless of how seamless a transition to an Arenas POI would be.

With tons of longtime Titanfall fans playing Apex Legends, a map celebrating some of the best moments of the studio’s history would be a welcomed addition.