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Every Apex Legends Arenas map: layout, rotation, more

Published: 15/May/2021 8:50 Updated: 16/May/2021 13:24

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Apex Legends Season 9 introduced many new things, including the much-anticipated 3v3 Arena mode that pits players against each other on small maps. Here’s a list of all the maps that are currently available.

Arenas is Apex Legends’ answer to tactical FPS junkies. The new 3v3 mode pits two squads together, with no third parties, and tests your wits and aim to try and win a fair-and-square fight.

At the moment, there are two custom-built maps and three battle royale-inspired locations for players to fight on. They rotate every 15 minutes. However, only three maps will be playable at any given time, as the BR locations will be rotated every two weeks.


Here’s a list of them all.

Arenas spawn room in Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends’ new Arenas mode takes place on several maps.


Custom Arenas maps

Party Crasher

Party Crasher Arenas map
Respawn Entertainment
The Party Crasher map in Apex Legends.

Mirage helped create this map by crashing his ship into a downtown plaza. The result has formed a dimly-lit location filled with vantage points and flanking opportunities.

With so many buildings and areas to hide, players will have to be careful not to be taken by surprise by any lurking enemies.

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Apex Legends Arenas
Respawn Entertainment
The Phaserunner Arenas map in Apex Legends.

Based in an experimental zone surrounded by mountains, Phaserunner is a circular map that contains the Phase technology found in Olympus. This snowy and nature-filled map is open and offers long-sight lines for players with great aim.


On top of this, there’s a phase portal that can be a risky yet potentially rewarding option for squads.

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Battle Royale-inspired maps

Artillery (Kings Canyon)

Apex Legends Maps List Golden Gardens
Respawn Entertainment
Artillery is arguably the most iconic landing spot on King’s Canyon.

Artillery has always been one of the most popular locations on King’s Canyon.

Located at the northernmost point of the map, it’s essentially a large base with several buildings surrounded by high walls, making it the perfect place for a two-team brawl.

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Golden Gardens (Olympus)

Apex Legends Maps List Golden Gardens
Respawn Entertainment
Golden Gardens is the perfect place for a skirmish.

Golden Gardens is a discreet but often eventful location on Olympus. It includes multiple buildings stacked on top of each other, some of which don’t have doors.

As a result, it’s a haven for tactical, fast-paced combat, making it the perfect spot for an Arena battle.


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Thermal Station(World’s Edge)

Thermal Station in Apex Legends

Thermal Station is the World’s Edge-based arenas map.

The Lava should be an interesting challenge on this map especially when it comes into rotation.

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So, there you have it—a complete list of all the maps currently available in Apex Legends’ new Arenas mode. Golden Gardens and Thermal station will be available over the course of Season 9, as they are rotated in for two-week periods.

There’s bound to be more added in time, and once that happens, we’ll update this list with all the new additions.

Respawn Entertainment is going all-in on Arenas, and they’ve promised a ranked version is in the works, too.