Apex Legends players want devs to make even more “wacky” LTMs after Three Strike

Shay Robson
Apex Legends brings back Three Strikes LTM because everyone loved it so muchRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are calling for the Respawn devs to make more “wacky” LTMs after Three Strike mode.

Since Apex Legend’s release, we’ve seen many limited-time modes come and go, offering another way to play the game instead of the standard battle royale mode.

Apex’s recent Post Malone crossover event in early November came with the addition of the Three Strikes LTM, where players get three strikes before they’re eliminated for good — which many claim has “brought back joy” to the game.

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The Three Strikes LTM is loved so much by players that the devs even brought it back for a short period, and now the community wants Respawn to make more “wacky” game modes.

Apex Legends fans want more “wacky” game modes

In a recent November 26 Reddit thread, one Apex Legends player called on the devs to make more “wacky” game modes, explaining it helps casuals.

“Three Strikes provided unique experience, not only it’s more casual but it was more about fun,” they wrote. “Three Strikes shouldn’t be the only wacky mode to be made, death goes boom? Low gravity? I don’t know but dumb modes like this really helps the casual part of the community.”

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In the replies, the community agreed that they’d love to see more LTM modes aimed towards the casual player base. “Yes absolutely! I consider myself a casual player and loved just the dumb fun that was three strikes. Would love to see more silly modes like this,” said one.

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Some gave suggestions to the devs, such as a game mode where the zone instantly eliminates players or an LTM where every player is the same Legend.

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“I want one where the zone insta kills and is always moving in,” a player suggested. “I want a mode where every player on the team has to be the same legend,” wrote another. “The selection would be a vote type thing.”

Other ideas were a bit more bizarre, with one player suggesting a ‘Angry Birds’ mode, where you launch from a gravity cannon and try to knock down as many Rampart walls as possible.

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“I think they should do an Angry Birds mode. You launch your team mates from a gravity cannon and try to knock over as many Rampart walls as possible,” they said.

The community has long demanded for the devs to release more limited-time modes. However, it remains to be seen whether or not we’ll see them make more.

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