Titanfall fans still hopeful for Titanfall 3 reveal despite anniversary event mislead

Ethan Dean
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We already know that Titanfall fans are a resilient lot and they’re proving it again and again. Despite an apparent dead end, some players are still convinced that Titanfall 3 will come.

It has been a wild couple of months for fans of Titanfall 2. Seemingly abandoned by developer Respawn Entertainment, a recent update repaired the long-suffering multiplayer functions of the game.

The game’s resurgence continued with the addition of a new game mode and cryptic Easter eggs appearing in Apex Legends. Speculation that an announcement for Titanfall 3 was coming ran rampant in the community until a new character for Apex Legends was revealed.

The final nail in the coffin for some came when it was revealed that the October 28 date hinted at in teasers was for a Titanfall 2 anniversary event. Despite this apparent dashing of hope, more resilient fans on the game’s Subreddit are still convinced Titanfall 3 is on the horizon.

Reddit user u/Impossible_Guess is carrying the banner for series fans who still hold out hope for a Titanfall 3. Their core argument stems from the prominence of the number 3 in all of the recent updates being too great for coincidence.

“How could we not have realized that a reference to the movie 300, a game mode with 3 health bars, a third Segal movie, 3 question marks, and the game mode ending at 300 points, all point to the number 3?” they asked in a sardonic impersonation of a Respawn developer.

It does seem a little too on-the-nose and at this point, using this to the fanbase seems a little cruel. Respawn’s silence on the hints and a refusal to deny a third game also speaks volumes to u/Impossible_Guess and others in the thread.

“If there wasn’t a third game being made, they would immediately have jumped in and told us specifically that the hints were accidental,” they explained. Not everyone is convinced however and many have accepted this anniversary event as the end of the road.

We’re honestly not sure what way this is headed. A lack of confirmation either way from Respawn leaves things very much in the air for a Titanfall 3.

At the very least for fans of the franchise, Titanfall 2 is now very much playable after years of server issues. If there is no Titanfall 3 in the future, that is some consolation.

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