Titanfall 2’s resurgence continues with a new mystery game mode

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A mystery game mode with a 300 quote and a whole bunch of rockets just showed up in Titanfall 2, yet again inspiring hope that a new game is in the works.

Titanfall 2 has always been in a weird spot for fans. The game was beloved at launch and received stellar reviews and word-of-mouth, but it just never seemed to latch on. 

Part of it could be the confusion surrounding the game’s existence. The original Titanfall, a multiplayer-only experience, never really caught on thanks to its Xbox exclusivity in a period when the Xbox One was faltering. The sequel’s multiplatform release helped, but many fans didn’t realize it. 

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Now, several years after all hope of a Titanfall 3 seemed to dissipate, Titanfall 2 is finding surprising new life, thanks to the inclusion of a new, mystery game mode. 

Titanfall 2’s new mystery game mode includes a 300 reference

First reported by Titanfall & Apex Legends news account alphaINTEL, the new mode is simply called “???,” with a description that reads, “your rockets will blot out of the sun.” The description is a reference to the quote from Frank Miller’s 300, where a Spartan warrior warns that his army’s arrows will “blot out the sun” in reference to how many archers they have. 

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The mode itself appears to offer enhanced/unlimited rockets, but it is an incredibly interesting twist that the game would be updated at all. Titanfall as a franchise was long considered to be all but dead, with its legacy shifted over to the popular battle royale Apex Legends

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That was before reports last week of developer Respawn Entertainment quietly fixing a bug that had long plagued matchmaking.

The mystery further deepened with the latest Apex Legends patch notes, which included numbers that could be translated into the release dates for Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends. 

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Many are hopeful that the stealth patch, new mode, and Apex Legends tease indicate a Titanfall 3 could be on the way.

A third entry in the franchise has long been rumored but has been shot down by Respawn, who have been focused on Apex Legends, a battle royale spinoff set in the same universe and featuring many returning Titanfall 2 characters. 

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