Apex Legends squad gets roasted after losing game to a spider

Philip Trahan
apex legends fuse standing in spider nest header image

One unfortunate Apex Legends squad got brutally roasted after losing in the final moments of a game on Stormpoint by a group of spiders.

Apex Legends’ Stormpoint map returned again in Season 14 alongside the newly updated Kings Canyon.

Despite getting some tweaks in Season 13, Stormpoint retained its deadly wildlife scattered across the map.

Now, a hilarious clip showcased precisely why it’s crucial to deal with Stormpoint’s dangerous fauna before it’s too late.

Apex Legends squad loses game to spiders

Ash being hcased by spider Apex Legends
Though spiders are usually easy to take care of, they can catch players off guard in frantic situations.

The moment comes from a Reddit user called TheGrizzlyIdiot who posted to the Apex Legends subreddit.

They present the video as a faux “nature documentary,” where a “TTV Wraith” battled it out with a Fuse at the end of a match. After some more commentary, the footage shows the TTV Wraith punching Fuse who flies backward into a pack of spiders.

Despite Fuse “being from Australia” and therefore “used to spiders” as TheGrizzlyIdiot eloquently puts it, the spiders take out Fuse in one hit, ending the match.

The clip quickly gained traction on Reddit, with over 1,100 upvotes in just under a day’s time with plenty of comments praising the video’s humor and presentation.

“Damn that Attenborough impression is on point,” said Baz135, referring to famed English historian and broadcaster David Attenborough.

After multiple Apex fans asked for more of these videos, the original uploader mentioned they planned to “try one for each character.”

As it turns out, the original poster has more Apex Legends “nature documentaries” on TikTok under the username TunnelRat367.

In addition to Fuse, the Apex fan has made a few more of these funny clips focusing on Octane and Bloodhound players.

It seems TunnelRat367 may just have a future as a documentarian themselves if the reception to this Fuse fail is any indication.