Apex Legends bursts at the seams as game-breaking bugs plague Ranked

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The Apex Legends community is reeling after yet another game-breaking bug has cropped up on Olympus — this time surrounding the Phase Runner.

The Apex Legends community has been having a bit of a tough time recently with major shakeups surrounding ALGS and some big problems surrounding Ranked.

With boosting exploits and game-breaking bugs plaguing Ranked, many fans are feeling fed up with Season 18 as a whole.

Yet another game-breaking bug was discovered on Olympus after a player was seen surviving the final storm by repeatedly entering the Phase Runner.

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Apex Legends sees another game-breaking bug on Olympus

Former NRG pro player sweet posted a clip on Twitter after seeing the exploit in action and said, “With all the talk about ALGS… At least Ranked doesn’t have any issues.”

The video showed sweet spectating the end of a Ranked match between the final three squads. Sweet was immediately baffled by the strange final fight, which, at first, appeared to be an instance of boosting.

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After the two teams finally started their firefight in the final circle and knocked each other out, the spectator perspective switched to a lone Lifeline repeatedly entering the Phase Runner.

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To the Apex streamer’s surprise, the Lifeline took no damage while teleporting through the Phase Runner. “And the last guy in the game is jumping through the f*cking cannon to get second place… Wait how is he not taking gas damage,” the streamer asked.

After wondering aloud if the player was exploiting, sweet vented his frustration by screaming, “What is going on in Apex?!”

Especially with the out-of-bounds Trident exploit still left unresolved by Respawn, it’s no wonder Apex players are frustrated with the current state of Ranked.

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear if and when Respawn will patch out this new Phase Runner exploit, but considering sweet’s clip has hit over 1 million views, it hopefully won’t stick around for long.

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