Apex Legends: Abilities of unreleased Skunner character leaked

Connor Bennett

Apex Legends dataminers have uncovered a new legend known as ‘Skunner’ alongside files for their pose cards and even in-game abilities.

Ever since the start of Apex Legends season two, the game’s community has been inundated with leaks and teases about possible new characters coming in the future

We’ve already seen plenty of Crypto, as the legend was teased by Respawn, with Rosie and even Nomad’s possible abilities being uncovered ahead of schedule, yet another leak with more details of yet another character appears to have gone under the radar.

Respawn EntertainmentCrypto appears to be the next character introduced to Apex Legends.

Thanks to Apex Legends dataminer Tha1MiningGuy, fans have also been made aware of files that hint at another new legend – Skunner.

Nicknamed the ‘Crafty Trapper’, the character had previously appeared in older datamines alongside a horde of other legends. While some of them have seen the light of the day – most notably Octane – there are still some that haven’t yet been confirmed, let alone released. 

However, in an update to those earlier files, the leaker was able to uncover the character’s abilities through doing some digging. In their current forms, these would be:

  • Debris Trap: Drop a pile of debris that slows and damages enemies when they move through it.
  • Schiltrom Barrier Grenade: Instantly create a spiked barrier made from rapid hardening resin.
  • Light Step: You are not slowed by debris traps and do not leave traversal evidence for trackers.

However, despite uncovering the three skills, Tha1MiningGuy was not able to put his finger on which one would be the ultimate. He mused that it may well be the Schiltrom Barrier Grenade, but that is very much unconfirmed. 

Whether or not this Skunner character will make an appearance in Apex Legends anytime soon remains a mystery. It is widely believed, thanks to their showcase in the season two trailer, that Crypto will be the next legend introduced.  

However, considering respawn hasn’t even confirmed anything about the addition of new legends as fans begin to look past season two and into season three, there could very well be more than one addition to the roster soon enough.

Skunner appeared in older Apex Legends datamines but without the updated details.

As ever, these leaks and datamines are always subject to change and what has been revealed through digging into files could very well be different from the final product.

It is best to take them with a heavy pinch of salt until you are actually running around Kings Canyon on the hunt to becoming an Apex Champion while using them.

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