Dr Disrespect slams Apex Legends store as the “worst” he’s ever seen

Calum Patterson

The controversy surrounding Apex Legends‘ Iron Crown event update, arising from the extortionate cost of packs and the randomization of skins, has even the top streamers like Dr Disrespect weighing in.

The Iron Crown event was meant to be a big positive for Apex Legends, bringing ‘the most fan-requested feature’ since launch, a solo mode.

Fans also got excited for the all-new skins, which were a marked improvement upon past Legend skins in the store, but all this excitement quickly turned sour soon after the update went live on August 13.

EA/Respawn EntertainmentThe store in Apex Legends for the Iron Crown event.

The focus of their ire was the Apex Pack system, which charges players $7 for a single pack, with no guarantees about what skin will be granted from the box. Some quick calculations estimated around $150 for players to acquire every item in the event.

Top streamer Dr Disrespect was participating in the Twitch Rivals event for Apex on August 14, but when asked by a viewer if he would be acquiring any of the new skins, he made his feelings clear.

“Look at this store. It makes me want to throw up,” the Doc explained, “This has got to be one of the worst looking stores I’ve ever seen in any video game in the history of microtransactions. This is god awful.”

The Doc seemed generally dumbfounded not only by the cost of the packs – which he later discovered he was a long way off even being able to purchase one – but also the complexity of the store.

With now four different types of ‘currency’ (crafting metals, legend tokens, Apex coins, and crowns), and the different progression of battle pass level and event level, the microtransaction system is perhaps not as streamlined as it could be.

The fans being angry is one thing, but when influencers are highlighting the flaws too, EA and Respawn might take notice – as shroud was among the first to speak out on the system.

Players may not be able to criticize Apex Legends for a lack of content now though, which is one positive, with the cosmetic loot pool continuing to expand, plus more frequent map changes.

But, clearly, the aggressive microtransactions are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of many players, who are now being given a strong reminder that the game is published by EA, who have received more than their share fair of criticism over in-game revenue systems in recent years.

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