All abilities revealed for leaked character Nomad in Apex Legends

Andy Williams

A reputable data miner has discovered game files in Apex Legends that uncover all three abilities for leaked Legend Nomad.

Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale has been subject to plenty of controversy of-late, yet, recent leaks suggest that developers are continuing their hard work to augment the success of Apex Legends by incorporating more playable characters to their expansive storyline.  

A video posted by That1MiningGuy on August 16, details the data scripts behind the character that is currently known as ‘Nomad’.

What are Nomad’s abilities?

Labelled as a ‘Field Crafter’, the in-game description hints at the potential to find loot and generate new items by trading them in for existing ones, and as such, Nomad gameplay will likely revolve around interacting with your surrounding environment in a new way. 

As per the character scripts that are embedded within Apex Legends’ game files, Nomad’s abilities are as follows:

  • Passive: Packmule – “Nomad and his teammates have additional backpack space.”
  • Ability one: Loot Compass – “Follow the loot compass to the nearest item.”
  • Ability two: Crafting Table – Place a crafting table down. Scrap salvageable material and purchase items.”

Nomad’s passive appears self-explanatory enough, although the character’s abilities hold potentially game-altering mechanics, with neither ability yet to be distinguished as a tactical/ultimate. 

The use of a temporary loot-based radar system in the form of a hand-held compass would have massive implications during the early stages of a game, which would make it a logical fit for a tactical ability. 

Nonetheless, it is the second (and likely ultimate) ability that will give players a unique edge. The video explains that it will give players an option to craft new items with spare loot, and should this transpire to be the case, it will add a new dimension to the already fluid gameplay of the popular battle royale. 

What else do we know about Nomad?

Albeit entirely theoretical, Reddit user FrozenFroh has previously made the link between Wraith skin ‘The Night Terror’ – originally appearing in the limited-time event ‘The Legendary Hunt’ – and Nomad. As spotted by the studious Reddit user, ‘Nomad tech’ appears in the concept art released, further provoking a response from a developer on the subreddit

Moreover, this character is in the early stages of development and is unlikely to be released anytime soon. 


Of course, all of these data files are subject to change and all leaks that appear are speculative. 

However, should they hold substance, Nomad’s character will interact with King’s Canyon in a way that could shift the meta of Apex Legends; creating a more dynamic perspective on the surrounding environment for players and spectators alike.

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