Apex Legends pros desperate for major Ranked changes in Season 11

Rogue ImperialHal Snip3downInstagram: @snip3down/ImperialHal/Rogue

Apex Legends pros have been calling for major Ranked changes in Season 11, including the removal of the Kraber, demotion, and an update to Kings Canyon.

Season 11 of Apex Legends has finally been revealed and is set to arrive on November 2, introducing the new Legend Ash to the game.

Although excitement is at an all-time high for the major update, Apex pros are pushing Respawn to make some serious changes to Ranked next season, as a lot of players aren’t satisfied with the current experience.

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With Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen, Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona, and Tanner ‘Rogue’ Trebb all voicing their opinion on the state of Apex’s competitive mode, a variety of suggestions have been put forward throughout Season 10.

Apex Legends ValkyrieRespawn Entertainment
Season 11 of Apex Legends goes live on October 2.

What Ranked changes do Apex pros want in Season 11?

When it comes to Apex Legends Ranked changes, there’s one feature that is requested more than any other by the pros, and that’s demotion. In its current state, Apex players can play competitive matches up to a certain rank, and then feel safe knowing that they can’t drop any lower.

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This does mean that players aren’t always performing at their best, which can cost their teammates valuable wins. ImperialHal called for this addition all the way back in August, and with confirmation that KP changes are coming in Season 11, it’s possible the devs are considering a demotion feature.

The next issue for a lot of pros is Kings Canyon, and how “unenjoyable” the Ranked experience is on the map.

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According to Snip3down and ImperiaHal, the map is too small making it easy for opponents to third-party, and there’s an uneven distribution of loot between the various POIs.

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At this time, Respawn hasn’t directly confirmed that any changes are coming to Kings Canyon in Season 11. However, a dev did take to Twitter earlier in the season to find out what fixes the community wants, so they’re definitely aware of the situation.

Finally, there’s the request to remove the Kraber from competitive, which has been a widespread discussion for a number of seasons. While there’s no doubt the weapon is fun to watch, pros claim its long-range one-shot capabilities just aren’t fair in a competitive environment.

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Overall, it’s obvious that a lot of pros don’t just want a few quality of life changes, they’re requesting an entire rework to Ranked.

With Apex pro Rogue sharing #SaveApexRanked on Twitter throughout Season 10, and the community following suit, it’s clear there’s a huge demand for a Ranked overhaul.

While Respawn has promised KP changes, pros will be looking for a lot more throughout Escape, so we’ll have to see if the dev team views these additions as a priority in Season 11.

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