ImperialHal furious as Apex Legends match ruined by horde of “bots”

Declan Mclaughlin
Joe Brady (@joebradyphoto)/ALGS

Apex Legends pro Phillip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen had an interesting Apex Legends ranked experience as he was chased by a horde of bots allegedly sent by a cheater in a recent stream.

Like many other live service games, Apex Legends has players who choose to install cheats to boost their gameplay and ranking. Respawn has been banning players who use these exploits in waves and player complaints have dropped in recent months.

However, with the start of Season 20 on the horizon, and the introduction of a new ranked system, top players and some cheaters seem to be returning to Apex lobbies.

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One of the best professional players, TSM’s ImperialHal was seemingly targeted and attacked by a cheater during a live stream.

ImperialHal supposedly targeted by cheater in Apex ranked

ImperialHal can be seen in a clip of his Twitch stream landing onto the map at the start of the game and almost immediately being swarmed by an army of unarmed players.

The bots attack Hal on drop, not bothering to pick up any weapons. Instead, they continually ran at him while throwing punches the whole way there.

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Hal later posted on social media, claiming that he was targeted by a cheater who spawned the bots and also used an aimbot to take him down while being chased. He ended his stream shortly after the match.

“The destroyer cheater found a way to spawn bots in the game to chase you the entire time while punching and he’s just picking up guns also chasing aim botting,” Hal said.

The Apex World Champion also said that this has happened multiple times before.

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There is no proof that the players attacking him in the match are bots other than their strange behavior, nor is there proof that Hal was targeted directly by a cheater.

In a Battle Royale match, other players could stream snipe the pro, and simply attack as one. However, real players would presumably attempt to gather weapons or coordinate an attack rather than pounce all at once, especially in a lobby featuring Apex Predator ranked players.

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