Apex Legends players call for big changes to “nightmare” Kings Canyon

apex legends kings canyonRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are fuming over the state of Kings Canyon and are calling for big changes to make the map less of a “nightmare” to play on.

Apex Legends’ debut map, Kings Canyon has a soft spot in the heart of longtime players. But the seasons haven’t been kind to the first Apex Arena and players feel it could use some healthy balance changes to bring it up to speed with the others.

This can be especially contentious with players when the game leaves Olympus and World’s Edge out of the map rotation with Kings Canyon featured on multiple playlists.

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Since this can be the case at times, people want Respawn to look into the issue by giving the classic map some changes that will make it easier to play on.

Apex Legends Kings Canyon

apex legends kings canyonRespawn Entertainment
Kings Canyon is a classic map but need some changes to make it playable in Apex Legends evolving meta.

Respawn Entertainment have blown up and restructured big parts of Kings Canyon in past seasons. While those events pushed the Apex story forward, it left a lot to be desired from the layout of the battle royale map.

“You’re going to get third partied on any map,” user ‘JL_snow’ said. “But this map you can’t do much anything to stop or stall a third party.

“Your options are usually A) be in a very small building covered with holes all over the walls that can be shot / naded thru, or B) be outside in the complete wide open because there’s not really anything else nearby.”

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Getting ‘third partied’ means being attacked by another team while already fighting a different squad and it’s a danger in any battle royale. But players are calling Kings Canyon a “nightmare” to play on for its overall layout and building design that lends itself getting flanked.

“This split has been a horrible nightmare,” ‘graythegeek’ said. “Full pred teams hiding in houses, 4-5 teams tanking zone to 3p or hide (WE and Olympus too big to allow this) plus of course the endless 3ps. We need a new map.”

apex legends kings canyonRespawn Entertainment
It’s been a while since Apex’s Skull Town days but players want POIs that bring that sort of action back to Kings Canyon.

A lack of meaningful points of interest (POIs) that spread out the loot also contributes to the problem.

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“Some of the POIs in KC still have the loot density from S1,” user ‘SteelCode’ said. “Whereas Olympus and WE have had updates that increased loot that helped improve the spread of player drops.

“If they could get some better loot spawns outside of the handful of big POI, it wouldn’t feel so ‘small.’”

There are only a couple of worthwhile POIs for players to choose from with high-tier loot and things only get worse when half the lobby wants to drop there.

Respawn routinely issues map updates in their big Apex Legends patch releases and some players think it’s time to give Kings Canyon a proper overhaul.

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