Apex Legends invisible wall bug makes players invulnerable on Encore map

Apex Legends EncoreRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have discovered an invisible wall on the new Encore Arenas map that blocks all bullets, explosives, and abilities.

On October 12, the Monsters Within event officially kicked off in Apex Legends, introducing a range of spooky cosmetics and new objectives for players to complete.

Although the community loved these additions, it’s the new Encore Arenas map that’s getting the most attention and praise. Despite this, there are a few issues with the Seer-inspired location that are causing some frustration for players.

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One of which is a bug allowing enemies to shoot through the terrain, and another involves an invisible wall that players are using to become completely invulnerable.

Encore Arenas Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Arenas are a 3v3 round-based mode in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends invisible wall glitch is ruining Arenas matches

The Arenas game mode is all about fast-paced gunfights and team play, so when an invisible wall is making players unkillable, it’s safe to say it slows down the action and can be extremely frustrating for both squads.

Well, that’s exactly what’s been discovered on the Encore Arenas map and showcased by keanetjd on Reddit. The spot appears to be on the lower section of the map, underneath a ledge in one of the corners.

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By sitting in this exact spot, an invisible wall blocks all incoming and outgoing fire, so it’s not impossible to be eliminated.

As seen in the clip, the ring will eventually force any players using the location out of the safe spot, but it makes it easy for players to stall out the match.

Bugs like this are a serious problem for Respawn, as they disturb the flow of the game and ruin any tactics squads attempt to use. If this spot isn’t fixed soon, it’ll become the norm for a player to run to the location and teams will become increasingly frustrated.

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Let’s hope the devs put out a fix as soon as possible and prevent players from abusing the spot to lure or bait squads to group together.

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