Viral Apex Legends TikTok shows how to make Charge Rifle silent

apex tiktokRespawn Entertainment/TikTok

A TikTok went viral that showed players a neat trick on how the Charge Rifle’s shot in Apex Legends can be silenced.

Apex Legends Season 11 has officially begun and it brings players a new map in Storm Point as well as plenty of general changes and quality of life updates.

While players have begun digging into the new content, a TikTok has made the rounds showing players how to gain an advantage on their opponents by utilizing a move with the Charge Rifle.

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Apex Legends Storm PointRespawn Entertainment
Apex Legends Season 11 is out now.

Apex Legends TikTok goes viral

The clip originally comes from YouTuber TheGamingMerchant, who shows players a nifty trick with the Charge Rifle that helps players avoid detection while firing.

The clip was reposted on TikTok, where it quickly went viral.

The Charge Rifle, if swapped for another weapon right after firing, will make less sound and not fire the beam it typically would. This trick can help players not be spotted by enemies at a distance and can gauge their shields from afar.

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This maneuver doesn’t remove sound entirely from the equation, however, as there is still a slight sound that rings while shooting. While enemies could technically hear the shots, the sound is far less noticeable than if you didn’t switch to your side arm just after firing, making the move still a valuable one. And if the enemy is far, they’ll never hear it.

The Charge Rifle TikTok has gone viral, racking up over 2.4 million views since it was released, which helped popularize the weapon-swapping trick.

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With Apex Legends Season 11 having just been released, players have been looking for every advantage on their opponents they can get, and the Charge Rifle trick is surely one that can get the job done.

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