Apex Legends players want Respawn to “nuke” Fragment from World’s Edge

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Apex Legends players want Respawn Entertainment to “nuke” Fragment from World’s Edge similarly to Skull Town on Kings Canyon.

Those who’ve kept up with Apex Legends’ Season 14 updates know that Respawn revamped Kings Canyon for the new season.

Though Kings Canyon’s iconic Skull Town POI was missing for some time, it finally came back in the form of Relic in Season 14.

Now, Apex Legends fans want a similar thing to happen to the Fragment POI on World’s Edge for Season 15.

Apex Legends players want big World’s Edge changes

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Though World’s Edge has plenty of great POIs for players to land at, Fragment remains the most popular by far.

The discussion popped up on the Apex Legends subreddit after user Shaxxs0therHorn made a post saying it was “time to nuke Fragment like Respawn did to Skull Town.”

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They go on to explain that they find World’s Edge stale and that Fragment needs a rework to alleviate the problem.

“I’m so sick of every single drop in [World’s Edge] at least one squad mate is breaking off to chase kills or drop center building…It’s making the map super stale.”

The post gained plenty of traction, with fans jumping in to give their own thoughts on how Respawn could revamp Fragment and World’s Edge as a whole.

“If they just swapped Skyhook and Fragment that would be fun. I love dropping Skyhook and it’s basically not changed at all since [World’s Edge] launched,” said dodmaster.

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Other players suggested much more drastic changes to Fragment, like Powerful_Artist who said, “I say just get rid of half of it. Even 2/3. Leave the ruins. Could be cool.”

Additionally, others voiced support for Olympus coming back to the map rotation again.

“I have no idea why they vaulted Olympus and not [World’s Edge] when Olympus was only out of the vault for one season. Feels like [World’s Edge] hasn’t been vaulted in ages and I’m honestly sick to death of that map,” said SaintOh.

Respawn recently teased some big changes coming to World’s Edge, but those changes haven’t come to fruition just yet.

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While not every Apex Legend fan wants Fragment to go, it seems Respawn at least acknowledges that the community wants to see it changed up in some way.