Apex Legends dev teases Fragment changes coming to World’s Edge

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An Apex Legends dev has hinted that changes will be coming to Fragment on World’s Edge, one of the most popular POIs in the entire game.

While there are countless POIs on Olympus, World’s Edge, Storm Point, and King’s Canyon, there’s one location that’s garnered a polarizing reputation in the Apex Legends community, and that’s Fragment.

This urban area on World’s Edge is arguably the most popular hot-drop location in the game, with the majority of the lobby dropping there every single match.

Of course, this means most of the action occurs here in the early stages of the match with a limited amount of loot on the ground. While a lot of players love the chaos of Fragment, others think it ruins the match for competitors who prefer to land at other POIs.

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Well, a hint from a dev has indicated that Fragment may be receiving some changes in the future, potentially reworking the fan-favorite POI completely.

Apex Legends Fragment changesRespawn Entertainment
Fragment is one of the most popular POIs in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends dev hints Fragment changes are coming

Seemingly out of the blue on June 29, Lead Level Designer at Respawn Jeff Shaw posted the word “Fragment” to Twitter with no context.

Following this, various other Respawn employees replied, including Game Designer Rodney Reece simply posted a zipped face emoji, hinting that something big was planned for the POI.

While no details were shared on the specific changes, the news that the iconic POI may be getting reworked will no doubt cause a huge divide in the community.

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However, with so many players landing there every single match, it’s clear Respawn is keen to spread out squads and create more competitive lobbies.

As expected, the reception to this tweet was mixed with some players encouraging the destruction of the entire POI: “Destroy it please.”

Others were less enthusiastic, threatening to quit the game if the devs decide to rework Fragment: “Do it and you don’t even have to add cross-progression anymore cause then I’ll quit along with my 2k+$ account anyway.”

Either way, with no official announcement or date set for the changes, it’s hard to know whether Fragment will be altered in Season 14 or longer down the line.

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We’ll just have to wait patiently and hope the devs drop a few more hints on Twitter before the plans go ahead.