Apex Legends players grow frustrated as Evo Shields are still broken

Respawn Entertainment

There’s growing exasperation amid the Apex Legends player-base as an annoying blinding aspect of the Evo Armor continues to remain unaddressed. 

Evo Shields are one of the more unique and interesting recent additions in Apex Legends. Starting off as common-level gray armor, this gear can be picked up and upgraded by players by dealing damage on enemies. The more you inflict, the more boosted the shield becomes, until reaching it’s “fully evolved” state, which offers 125 damage-worth of protection.

However, as popular as these items have become, they continue to have a frustrating property that’s drawn the ire of users for a while now.

As demonstrated in the clip below, these shields have a bright and colorful animation when upgrading, and if that happens to take place in the middle of a gunfight, well, it ends up being a huge hindrance.

Hitting the enemy with a straight-up Mastiff shot was enough damage to evolve the Evo armor to its next state. However, the timing was far from ideal, and the animation briefly blinded the player with flashing purple light.

While it didn’t end up influencing the result of the gunfight, it really easily could have, and a lot of others haven’t been as fortunate when experiencing this “flashbang” feature.

“This is keeping me from picking up the Evo Shield,” one user wrote. “Completely losing your sight on an enemy because of a shield upgrading should never happen. It’s even worse in the dark areas of the map.”

Respawn EntertainmentEvo Shields maintain their evolved state when dropped, so they can be transfered from player to player in Apex Legends.

While the existence of this blinding animation is frustrating enough, what has a lot of players even more annoyed is the fact that it’s actually been in the game ever since Respawn debuted the new item way back in early March.

It didn’t take long for people then to realize that the feature posed a serious problem, but despite similar reports on social media and Reddit, the developers have seemingly turned a blind-eye, completely ignoring what has become a major issue.

Veteran players will draw similarities between this and the controversial muzzle flash that plagued Apex Legends for a long time, which the devs ultimately fixed over a year into the game (ironically, in the same update that added Evo Shields).

Respawn EntertainmentMuzzle Flash was a huge issue in Apex Legends for over a year until Respawn finally addressed it.

Fans will hope that it won’t take nearly as long to address this issue, but with Respawn still remaining mum on the subject, it could be a while before we see a fix.