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Apex Legends players want a change to ‘blinding’ Evo Shields

Published: 4/Mar/2020 22:23

by Alan Bernal


The new Evo Shield in Apex Legends gives players a chance to get protection stronger than Epic Body Armor (Purple), but it comes with a glaring issue that people are starting to notice.

The item can be leveled by damaging non-downed players, and will give off a “perpetual distinctive glow” that lets people identify them more easily. But in the first-person point-of-view, upgrading the shield gives a blinding effect.

Evo shields require a certain amount of damage you need to inflict before leveling up the armor through its stages. Players become fully aware they’ve reached the final stage because of a bright glow that spans across the screen.


Respawn Entertainment
The System Override trailer that shows the Evo Shield evolution in action.

While that’s a great indicator to tell the user that they have another bar of shield to play with, it could hinder a firefight like Reddit user ‘Xayzac’s gameplay clip shows.

“If the devs want feedback on Evo Shields, let’s start with how unnecessary this flash is,” they said.

After landing a long-distance shot with the Wingman to unlock the final red armor of the Evo Shield, the player’s screen was lit from corner to corner with colorful effects.

If the devs want feedback on evo shields, let’s start with how unnecessary this flash is. from apexlegends

Xayzac had to briefly stop their shots to wait out the effect since you could hardly make out what was on the other side.


The light show reminded the Apex community of the problematic Muzzle Flash that’s been a part of the battle royale since launch, but only just patched with the System Override update on March 3.

User ‘Dindeyy’ was baffled with the design decision that was reminiscent of the problem the devs had just fixed: “Reduce muzzle flash for visibility, add blinding flash effect.”

Xayzac via Reddit
The apex of the Evo Shields flashing animation.

Previously, muzzle flash problems made it difficult to see the other side of a gun while taking shots and effects from the Evo Shield could be equally distracting.

“I actually died because of this stupid and, not to mention, unnecessary animation,” user ‘_Shivoham’ said.


Respawn have been open about taking in community feedback for the Evo Shield in case they want to transition it over to the main Apex Legends playlists, and fixing the armor’s animation could be the first step.