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Respawn have fixed Muzzle Flash in Apex Legends but not for all weapons

Published: 2/Mar/2020 21:49 Updated: 3/Mar/2020 20:02

by Albert Petrosyan


Developers Respawn Entertainment have implemented a fix for muzzle flash in Apex Legends as part of the System Override Collection Event, but hasn’t applied to every single weapon in the game.

Since Apex Legends first dropped back in February of 2019, one of the biggest criticisms against it has been the frustrating presence of strong muzzle flash in the gunplay.

The bright flash of light that emanates from the tip of a gun when fired seriously limited visibility, inevitably affecting shooting accuracy when aiming down sights.

Respawn EntertainmentMuzzle flash was a frustrating issue in Apex Legends during its first year of existence.

Despite the constant complaints and negative feedback, Respawn didn’t do much to address it during the game’s first year of existence. However, that all changed on March 3.

The official patch notes for the System Override Collection Event update revealed that the developers have finally done something about the annoying game mechanic: “Reduced the intensity of muzzle flash while aiming down the sight for all weapons except shotties and snipers.”

The weapons that are not be affected by this change include all shotguns and snipers currently in the game:

  • EVA-8 Auto
  • Mastiff
  • Mozambique
  • Peacekeeper
  • Longbow DMR
  • Kraber .50-cal
  • Triple Take
  • Sentinel
  • Charge Rifle
Apex Legends WikiThis muzzle flash fix will not apply for shotguns and sniper rifles in Apex Legends.

A change to muzzle flash was hinted as early as January 9, when Respawn producer Josh Medina confirmed that they were working on a fix.

It’s taken this long to implement because, according to Medina, the effects were a “deeper issue that expected” and the devs “wanted to properly fix instead of half ass it,” which took more time.

Shortly after that, prominent Apex Legends data miner ‘That1MiningGuy’ claimed that Respawn were testing out different ways to address the issue, even a potential system that would add a flash limiting effect on Barrel Stabilizers. While that’s not what ended up being implemented, it could still be something they think about adding in the future, depending on how well this current fix ends up working out.

This is not the only weapon-related quality of life improvement that Respawn haved implemented with System Override. The event’s update also adding a red dot to the iron sights of the Prowler and L-STAR that will “stay properly centered during weapon sway and bob movements.”

Speaking of weapons, the patch considerably nerfed the Peacekeeper and buffed the Sentinel, both of which aren’t affected by this muzzle flash fix.

The System Override Collection Event kicked off on Tuesday, March 3 and will last for two weeks, wrapping up on Tuesday, March 17.

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Respawn Senior Game Designer wants more “non-BR” modes in Apex Legends

Published: 28/Nov/2020 22:31

by Alan Bernal


Respawn Senior Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein is a big fan of Apex Legends’ non-BR modes, and would want the studio to experiment with a few more concepts after seeing how successful the Winter Express has been.

Admittedly, Klein isn’t a part of the game modes team at Respawn, but the senior developer gave his preference on which direction the battle royale could take from here. Previous modes like Hunt and the Winter Express tweaked Apex’s typical formula, giving players something different to get their hands on.

The team at Respawn has proven they can make modes that don’t feed into the normal BR format but still create products that resonate with their players. Klein would like to see more of this out of Apex in the following seasons, though has said there’s not much to reveal on that front as of yet.

“I really want us to try more non-BR things; I think Winter Express was a wonderful proof of concept that Apex can be super fun in non-BR modes,” he said on Reddit. “I think something Mario Party-like, like (League of Legends’) Nexus Blitz, would probably be a bit too much for a game like Apex, but there are LOTS of cool things we could do.”

apex legends winter express ltm

He isn’t wrong on that final point. Aside from being a solid battle royale in the bustling genre, Apex Legends has something unique that not many games can boast about: it’s incredible characters.

Respawn have injected a vast amount of lore and personality into their cast of 15 Legends, meaning they can produce nearly any mode they want without struggling with how it logistically fits into the game.

We kind of got a taste of that type of ingenuity with the Fight or Fright Collection Event, that showed Pathfinder teleporting into a night version of Kings Canyon which introduced the Shadowfall mode.

Now that there’s vehicles and loads of new gameplay mechanics in Season 7, non-BR modes like races, new PvE concepts, and more can be a frontrunner for possibilities to explore.

Like Klein said, there isn’t anything Respawn are ready to announce for Apex Legends as of yet, but players have loads of content to hold them over until they do.