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How to spy on all enemies in Apex Legends using Crypto’s map room

Published: 24/Jun/2020 15:33

by David Purcell


There is one spot in Apex Legends that you might start using as your go-to hideout: Crypto’s map room, as it can actually reveal all enemy locations without them knowing.  

The recon legend was added to the battle royale game back in Season 3 and has become a mainstay in many teams ever since. His room, however, might be more useful than any of the abilities he can use and the best part is, you don’t need Crypto to make the most of it.

If you’re interested to find out how you, and your teammates, can gain a real advantage in Apex Legends next time you drop in, let’s run through this handy trick.


Apex Legends Crypto map room exploit explained

Crypto map room in Apex Legends
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Here’s the room you need to drop at to access opponent locations.

This exploit can be used in every single match on Kings Canyon, as that’s where the map room is located, so there’s always a chance you are the one being spied on by somebody else if you’re not getting to the room first. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to find out all opponent locations, using the map room.

  1. Drop into Apex Legends’ Kings Canyon map.
  2. Angle your dive south of Repulsor, and locate the map room.
  3. Go to the main map room, at the center of the building.
  4. There you will find a monitor standing by itself near the map. Interact with it to start the ‘Activating Map Scan’ feature.
  5. Seconds later, you will see live and moving enemy locations appear on screen.
  6. Use the map to see where players are and build a strategy from there.

How to use Crypto’s map room to find players

Check out the video below to see the exact steps you need to take once reaching the monitor. As you can see, it’s easy enough to do.

The interaction feature charges up quickly and can be used in short bursts, of around 30 seconds at a time. Enemies should also appear on the minimap if they’re nearby as well, so do keep an eye on this when it’s activated.


Other hidden features in Crypto’s map room

Other features inside the map room include monitors that show you how many other teams are inside, and these are scattered around the point of interest above doors and in corridors. This is extremely handy if your team just took on a gunfight, and one went down needing a revive. These screens will show if the coast is clear or not.

The final circle can actually land on Crypto’s map room as well, which throws yet another spanner in the works for this hidden feature. This means you can be sitting pretty in the middle, waiting for other legends to fly through the doors, and all of this while knowing exactly where they are.


These changes were made as part of the Crypto Town Takeover, which kicked off with the Lost Treasures event on June 23. The promo will be running until July 7, meaning we all have plenty of time to give this a try before it’s inevitably removed at some stage in the future.