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Apex Legends

Apex Legends leak reveals early look at cosmetic Sprays coming soon

Published: 25/Jun/2020 18:47

by Daniel Cleary


Leaked Apex Legends game files have revealed an early look at the new cosmetic items, Sprays, that are expected to be added to Respawn’s battle royale in Season 6.

Apex Legends offers players a wide variety of ways to customize your game to their liking, with unique character and weapon skins that are available to be unlocked or purchased.

However, it looks like Respawn has even more cosmetic items planned to be released, after an image of some Apex Legends themed ‘Sprays’ was shared on June 24.

fortnite sprays on van
Epic Games
Sprays have been introduced to plenty of other titles such as Fortnite in the past.

Sprays have been a popular cosmetic feature in many different multiplayer titles, such as CS:GO and Fortnite, as they allow players to decorate any walls or buildings with a design of their choice.


Reliable Apex Legends data miner shrugtal has revealed that Respawn devs are now working on these Sprays following the release of Season 5, sharing a look at some of the UI icons for the cosmetic items.

The six unique sprays revealed in the leaked game files feature some familiar faces, each with one of the current Legends, such as Loba or Wattson, placed in the center.

It is likely that these will be released similar to some of the other cosmetic items in Apex Legends, requiring players to find them in packs or by unlocking them.

These new sprays are not the only upcoming paint-based items that have been leaked, however, as a new hop-up that can turn weapons into a paintball gun has also been shared early.


While many have rumored their release for Season 6, it is unclear just when Respawn will make these new cosmetic items live, although there is plenty of speculation as to which new legend that might be introduced alongside them.

One of the leaked Legends is Rampart, an engineer-based character, who was also referenced in-game files following the June 23 patch, with new information revealed about how his abilities work.