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Confirmed: Apex Legends player officially finds Firing Range easter egg

Published: 4/Dec/2019 23:33

by Alan Bernal


The long hunt for Apex Legends’ easter egg hidden in the Firing Range has finally been found – and a Respawn developer was all too happy to confirm it.

Since its February 4 launch, Apex Legends has had various easter eggs spread throughout its battle royale but none have eluded the community so much as the one buried in the practice arena for the game.

The search was only fueled by hints from developer Rayme Vinson leading to some players going to extreme lengths to get to the bottom of the easter egg.

Respawn EntertainmentApex Legends players have been scouring the Firing Range for the easter egg, and it’s finally been found.

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But it looks like Reddit user ‘Maddazefc’ has cracked the code to activate the easter egg which has eluded many in the community, and it’s actually pretty easy to reproduce.


Playing as Pathfinder, players will need to drop their starting weapon and make their way to the far left cave from the starting location.

After doing so, players will need to make their way up to the middle of the catwalk shortly after walking into the tunnel.

Finally, all it takes is crouching and changing your Legend. If done correctly, players should hear a sound queue and when they go back down to the Firing Range floor they’ll find three AI-controlled bots.

EE firing range from apexlegends

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There was a lot of scrutiny as to whether this was indeed the easter egg that the Apex community have been looking for, but that was laid to rest when Vinson tweeted a recognition of approval shortly after it was discovered.


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The discovery puts to bed the long search that’s been taking place, that’s taken players from outside of the playable borders in the Firing Range to the back-end files for Apex Legends.

Some players even found some peace of mind since it explains strange files found in the game.

“Ok, so this makes sense as to why there are 3 scripts relating to NPC versions of the L-STAR, Peacekeeper and Hemlok, which all those dummies are using,” user ‘novalue1998’ said. “I thought it was nothing, but turns out it was for this.”

With buzz around a Holiday LTM centered around Mirage emerging, Apex Legends easter egg hunters should be on the lookout for a new round of tricks from Respawn.