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Apex Legends dev drops massive hints about easter egg in Firing Range

Published: 1/Dec/2019 21:04 Updated: 1/Dec/2019 21:14

by Albert Petrosyan


With there being so much craze surrounding the mysterious Season 3 easter egg located in Apex Legends’ Firing Range, a developer from Respawn Entertainment has revealed major clues to help players find it. 

Ever since the Apex Legends developers revealed that there was a huge easter egg hidden in the new Firing Range training area, many in the community have been spending countless hours in search of it.

While there have been easter eggs in the game before, this one’s been teased as a level above the others, with the developers using quotes like “that’s in the game right now?” to hype it up.

No one has found it yet, but players have certainly tried, and in the process, they’ve discovered a plethora of secrets about Firing Range, such as how to glitch outside of the map and get to the parked Dropship nearby.

Their effort hasn’t gone unnoticed and, in order to help the community out, developer Rayme Vinson dropped a few hints about the secret that has proven to be very elusive so far.

Respawn EntertainmentThere is a mysterious Apex Legends Season 3 easter egg in Firing Range, but no one has been able to find it yet.

When asked about the easter egg on Twitter, Vinson revealed that it does not require three people to unlock it, so it’s more than likely something that players can discover on their own.

He also disclosed that it’s very much within the boundaries of the Firing Range, meaning players don’t need to use any glitches to figure it out.

“It’s also nothing about getting outside the map or etc,” he tweeted. I didn’t even know you could glitch out of the map until three days ago.”

In fact, according to Vinson, nothing really too out of the ordinary needs to be done like “sequences to follow or crazy trick shots.” He also said that the easter egg is simple but unlikely to be discovered accidentally or by doing something random.

However, perhaps the biggest clue of all came in the form of a riddle, which included a redacted word or phrase that players will need to figure out.

“Four simple things about you need to be true. If they’re true when you ******, the thing happens, and it’s not subtle.”

Judging by all these clues and hints, it seems that the process to discover this easter egg isn’t as complicated as the community is making it out to be, which is hard to blame them for.

It’s only natural for players to assume that this secret will require them to go above and beyond, but apparently that’s not the case. That said, whether or not these hints will end up helping remains to be seen, but it feels like a matter of time before someone figures it out.

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Apex Legends dev confirms highly-requested inventory feature coming soon

Published: 25/Nov/2020 20:29 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 21:10

by Alan Bernal


The era of ‘red dots’ littered across Apex Legends’ menu tabs will finally come to an end after Respawn confirmed they’re implementing a ‘mark all as seen’ button to the game.

Apex’s bustling community is rejoicing after the developers indicated the long-awaited quality of life update that is scheduled for the next patch, if everything goes to plan.

While fans of the game have known for a while that the feature was pending, there hasn’t been much news of it since seeing it on Respawn’s Trello board a while ago. Since the conversation’s gone dark, it’s been a waiting game to see if the developers would follow-up on the organizational feature.

Well, an inquiring fan created a mock-up of what the ‘mark all as seen’ button could look like within the character-select screen. But fiction turned into reality once Respawn Senior Game Designer, Daniel Z. Klein, chimed into the discussion.

apex legends season
Respawn Entertainment via InterfaceInGame
The red dots on tabs have cursed the Apex Legends menu screen for a while.

“Could we get a ‘Mark all as seen’ button? Would be useful instead of going through all the menus to clear the icons,” user ‘TigerTankSniper’ suggested, before Klein was happy to oblige.

“Good news! That’s probably coming in the next patch! John Hodgson put that one in not too long ago,” Klein was happy to report. Hodgson is another Senior Game Designer at Respawn, who’s about to make a lot of the Apex fans really happy.

Since the launch of Apex Legends back in February 2019, there’s been a ton of content regularly injected into the battle royale. This stretches from Legends, weapon cosmetics, sky trails, holo sprays, voice lines, banners, and a lot more.

As much as the fans have loved adding troves of content to their personal libraries, every time something new gets added a small red dot appears to notify players of the change.

“I have an army of them because all the useless blue and white items I get, not really motivated enough to click on all them so now it just keeps growing bigger and bigger,” one person wrote.

The thing is, those little indicators can be persistent and a bit of a bother; hence, the quality of life update that’s coming into the game very soon.

But the community can let out a collective sigh of relief seeing as they shouldn’t be a problem in Apex Legends after the next update.