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Apex Legends fans think they’ve figured out Firing Range easter egg

Published: 2/Dec/2019 18:23

by Eli Becht


Apex Legends fans are frantically trying to figure out the hidden easter egg in the Firing Range and some players believe they have cracked the code.

Respawn developers have been telling fans about an easter egg in the Firing Range and since then, players have been hard at work trying to figure out what that is.

Some drastic measures have been taken, including some players finding out how to glitch out of the range completely, but developers have confirmed you won’t have to do that much to find the easter egg. In fact, they didn’t even know that was even possible.


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Eagle-eyed fans have instead turned their attention to a loading screen and have noticed something interesting about the image.

The gun rack with the energy weapons was completely filled up weapons, leading many players to believe we’d be getting a chance to try out a new gun on the Firing Range before it actually releases into the live version.

This gun in question would be the Volt SMG, which has actually been datamined for quite a while now. Since it hasn’t actually be released into the game, it does seem very possible that it could end up appearing here.


Apex Legends hasn’t introduced a new weapon in this way so there’s no precedent for this happening, but it shouldn’t be brushed away on account of that.

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Reddit user FrozenFroh posted an image of the loading screen and first introduced this theory.

In the Training Area loading screen, you can see 6 Energy Weapons on the stand, it’s very possible that the Easter Egg ends up letting you test the (datamined) Energy SMG Volt before the official release. from apexlegends

Nothing is confirmed by Respawn so take all of this with a grain of salt, but the devs did say the easter egg would be something simple. Anybody who is glitching out of the map or trying other off-the-wall ideas is thinking entirely too hard about the situation.

While it is simple, they do say it’s unlikely to happen by accident. This means to get this sixth gun to appear, if that’s indeed the easter egg, players will need to potentially do something with the weapon racks.


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In a perfect world, Respawn would provide more hints, but given how many they have already dished out, it’s possible we won’t get any more.

As it stands right now, nobody has the confirmed solution fro Respawn, but it sounds like we’re getting a little bit closer.