Apex Legends devs add Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg into the firing range

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The devs for Apex Legends have added a cheeky Assassins Creed Easter Egg into the firing range, allowing you to Synchronize in the range. 

In most FPS games, the firing range is a pretty good place for devs to insert a cheeky Easter Egg, or even a reference to further along the game’s lore. Valorant has long been doing it, using as a place for Easter eggs and new character teasers. 

Apex Legends is no stranger to that. The Firing Range in Apex has been home to a few Easter Eggs. From goading training dummies into a fight, a hidden third-person mode, to the current obsessive hunt of the Nessie plushies which has taken over the community. 

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However, there is another Easter Egg which players may have missed in their hunt: a cheeky reference to Assasins Creed which allows you to sync in the Firing Range.

First found Twitter user evefps, if you go up to the hill on the north-east of the map, sit on top of the red flag, and wait for a few seconds, it will do a “synchronization” of the range, akin to synchronization mechanic in the Assasin Creed games. 

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Assassins Creed Easter Egg found in Apex Legends

The Easter Egg to Unisoft’s open world game was confirmed by Senior Community Manager for Apex, Karen Lee. Saying, “two games dear to my heart, Assassins – please find some time to sync at our viewpoint. Particularly thanking a certain dev for adding it. 

Gameplay programmer for Apex, Ian Holstead, was the person who made the Easter Egg a reality. In fact, it seems Holstead is in charge of the Easter Egg hunts in the range, as he has been giving subtle hints as to where to find the missing Nessies all over his Twitter

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For all we know, there may be more Easter Eggs we are yet to find. If any new ones do pop up however, we’ll be sure to let you know.