Apex Legends player discovers secret island outside Storm Point map

Apex Legends Island secretRespawn Entertainment

An Apex Legends player has accidentally discovered a secret landmass outside Storm Point and it can only be accessed by diving directly into the sea.

When Storm Point was added to Apex Legends at the beginning of Season 11, the community spent hours exploring every inch of the tropical island.

In the process, they found unique easter eggs, hidden areas, and even a set of death spots that instantly killed anyone that was unfortunate enough to step on them.

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Although it’s been almost two months since Escape went live, players are still uncovering new secrets on Storm Point, including a hidden underwater island beneath the sea.

Apex Legends island Respawn Entertainment
The underwater island on Storm Point is definitely not an intended location.

Hidden underwater island found outside Storm Point

After queueing for a Trios match with their teammate, Reddit user DarkDesertFox realized that the third player had disconnected on the Legend select screen.

So, instead of playing out the match, they decided to eliminate themselves by plunging into Storm Point’s deep ocean. Unfortunately, that didn’t exactly go to plan.

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While hitting the ocean usually instantly kills a player, DarkDesertFox found themselves underneath the water on a mysterious plain landmass.

With the sea above completely invisible and a steep drop into oblivion behind them, this is certainly a rat spot where no one would think to look.

It’s safe to say this location is definitely not an intended part of the Storm Point map and will likely need to be patched by the devs in a later update.

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Although there’s no chance of being eliminated by an enemy there, it’s likely you’ll be the first competitor to experience ring damage, so it’s not exactly a useful spot.

Either way, it’s an interesting area on Storm Point and the fact that it’s underwater makes it even more unique.

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