Viral Apex Legends TikTok exposes best rat spots on World’s Edge

Alan Bernal. Last updated: Dec 28, 2021
Respawn Entertainment

A viral Apex Legends TikTok put a spotlight on multiple ‘rat spot’ locations where mobile characters can avoid danger to get the jump on enemies.

Among the maps in Apex Legends, World’s Edge gives players plenty of room to bamboozle their opponents or make game-saving rotations to stay alive.

The Talos arena also holds plenty of sneaky spots to avoid action altogether or camp in to wait for the opportune moment to strike.

While some of these ‘rat spots’ are known for bordering on being unfair, it’s best to be aware of where they are in case players use them against you during a match.

Viral Apex Legends rat spots

apex legends worlds edge
Respawn Entertainment
World’s Edge first appeared in Apex Legends after the Season 3 patch.

Mobile Apex characters like Valkyrie, Octane, and Pathfinder, among others, will have the best chance at getting into some of these hiding places.

Take the banners at Staging, for example. TikTokker ‘rossbobsquirrel’ showed how a well-maneuvered Valkyrie player can perfectly nest her behind the banners which rarely get checked.

Then there are the crevices throughout the canyons outside of tunnels near the Harvester. A few of these spots give squads plenty of space to simply sit out a ring or two.

Using ‘rat spots’ generally tends to split Apex players. While it’s frowned upon to hide in battle royales, players are quick to point out that it’s a viable option in the genre that can even lend itself to late-game strategies.

But some rat spots can get called out when only a handful of Legends can readily access them, giving them an unintended advantage over other characters.

While Respawn Entertainment tend to clear up these hiding places when they crop up, players can get a lot of mileage from them till they’re patched out.