Will Apex Legends get a TV show? Everything we know

Joe Craven
Apex Legends gameplay
Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’  popularity has spawned rumors of a spin-off TV show potentially coming to Netflix in the near future. While little has been confirmed by EA or Respawn Entertainment, some rumors and leaks have emerged. Here’s everything we know thus far.

One of the most popular aspects of Apex Legends has been its diverse, original, and well-realized character pool. Each has their own back story, lore, and character traits, and are so well developed that some fans believe they would make a great cast in a spin-off TV show or movie.

While video game adaptations can sometimes go sideways (see Mortal Kombat: Annihilation), many remain positive over Apex Legends’ ability to translate to a different medium.

It’s still early days yet but it appears a bigger project might be in the works after all. With various devs on board with the idea and a few even teasing already, here’s what we know about a potential Apex TV show.


Respawn Apex Netflix
Respawn Entertainment / Netflix
Rumors have swirled around an Apex Legends show, perhaps on streaming giant Netflix.

Apex Legends TV show: Initial rumors and leaks

The first major indicator that a TV show or spin-off series could be in the works came back in the summer of 2020. Game Director Chad Grenier was the first to comment on the idea, confessing that he would “love” to see a Netflix animated series.

“A Netflix animated series of Apex? Yeah, I would love to do that… that sounds awesome,” Grenier admitted to GamesRadar. “Sign me up!”

At the time, he reminded fans that Respawn itself was “focused on the game.” But he was more than open to “listen” to any TV show pitch that came his way.

Another cryptic hint came from Director of Communications Ryan Rigney back in May of 2021. During a Reddit AMA, the Respawn dev was asked about a Netflix or Amazon Prime TV show.

He responded with a zipped mouth emoji, which many took to mean a project is in the works, but he is currently unable to disclose any more information.

Apex Legends TV show: Developers tease 2022 announcement

While months of silence followed, the rumors didn’t quite end with Rigney’s emoji. Another two developers followed up on December 30, once again hinting that an Apex series is in the pipeline.

Similar to the last public teaser, Lead Writer Amanda Doiron simply added another emoji to the mix on Twitter. Though this time, her input came in response to an Apex-style intro mirroring that of Arcane.

“It’s fantastic,” she soon followed up. “I gave it a little gasp face, but I think it may have communicated deeper meaning to others.”

Next came Senior Producer Tim Lewinson with perhaps the most concrete evidence yet. “I…have some conversations to follow up on come January,” he chimed in.

Apex Legends TV show: Possible release date

There’s currently no telling when an Apex Legends show might release, if, in fact, there is a show in the works.

Animated projects can take years to reach completion, especially at the high-quality fans have come to expect from various cinematics and trailers over the years.

Depending on when development started for the possible Apex series, we could be looking at a three or four year timeframe from start to finish.

Apex Legends slide movement
Respawn Entertainment
There’s no telling if an Apex series would follow just one character’s storyline or try to incorporate multiple.

Obviously, there’s still no concrete proof any of this means an Apex series is on the way. Though the teasers are piling up and now, we have a rough date to look towards.

Perhaps by the end of January we’ll know for certain, one way or the other. We’ll be keeping you updated right here with all the latest details as they emerge.