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Apex Legends: Creative Pathfinder grapples make for easy escapes

Published: 20/Sep/2019 1:32 Updated: 20/Sep/2019 1:47

by Alan Bernal


Pathfinder has some satisfying grapple locations in Apex Legends to traverse the terrain with ease, but they can also be used for incredibly effective escapes.

Apex Legends fans immediately noticed that the mobility in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale felt slow and clunky, but that’s because the game has a ton of move sets for players to master.

While there’s everything from sliding, wall jumping, directional slides and the like, Pathfinder’s grapple is still the most dynamic way for a player to get across Kings Canyon. Though there are some locations on the map that make for easier transitions into slides and hops than others.

Mokeysniper YouTubePathfinder can get huge air for quick escapes, you just need to know where to hook.

Apex Legends YouTuber ‘Mokeysniper’ took a couple of days to figure out the best locations to use the Grappling Hook, and their effort paid off since the spots they found are some of the smoothest maneuvers in the game.

But what’s even more striking is the distance they cover that can be used for ridiculous escapes in a tricky situation.

Starting near the Cage by hooking the rock going east, Pathfinder can leap over the entire mound while having an entire downhill slope to transition into a huge slide.

From there, using the terrain, players can grapple to go from the middle of nowhere all the way into The Farm going north.

Similarly, Mokeysniper showed how clipping a tree before going into the Canyons could actually get players on the other side with a few strategic bunny hops to keep the momentum going. If done correctly, they can avoid a whole side of the mountain and leave an enemy team in the dust.

Just north of Bunker’s river-side entrance, Pathfinder can hope over the entire compound proceeding the Military Bay 02 doors. It’s crazy to see how with one leap, the Forward Scout can go from desert terrain to the lush river in a flash.

Probably the most fun escape in the video is just before heading into the Destroyed Cascades from the canyons. By hooking the mountainside, players can slide all the way down the giant hill to the bottom, easily escaping enemies’ line of sight.

Mokeysniper is definitely perfecting the craft of satisfying Pathfinder hooks, but players can also see how useful they can be to avoid foes.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends dev reveals top 5 most played legends in Season 7

Published: 27/Nov/2020 10:08

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends developer Daniel Klein has revealed the five most popular legends from Season 7 – and it should come as no surprise that Horizon is right up there already.

As the Apex Legends seasons have unfolded, it’s been easy for players to chop and change the legends they use seeing as a new character is introduced which each major, season starting update. 

The new character always receives huge attention as players want to test out the new content, but sometimes, they don’t stick around and can immediately fall to the bottom of the pile once fans are seemingly bored with them. 

In the case of Horizon and Apex Legends Season 7, she has been able to stick around as one of the most played legends – even cementing her spot amongst some of the battle royale’s long-term favorites.

Wraith in World's Edge Apex Legends
Wraith still leads the way as Apex’s most-used legend.

Speaking on The Third Party: An Apex Legends podcast, Respawn Senior Game Designer Daniel Klein revealed how the list of most played legends in the new season had started to shape up.

“Wraith, Bloodhound, Horizon, Octane, and then Lifeline, that’s the pick order right now,” Klein told the podcast hosts in relation to the top five, noting that Horizon had started to settle in the top five after her initial explosion in use. 

Octane being so high might surprise a few players, and as Klein points out, he doesn’t “win a lot of games,” but he’s so fun to play because of his speedy abilities. Klein also noted that there is an “interesting situation” with Bloodhound because they have a high pick rate, but they don’t win a lot of games. 

Timestamp of 46:00

Additionally, the Apex developer revealed that Loba has also seen a rise in her trios win rate after her Ultimate received a bit of a shake up at the start of Season 7. Though, he didn’t note just how popular and used that she has become. 

As the season unfolds, some currently lesser-played legends might see a boost in usage after Respawn rolls out patches, so, we’ll have to wait and see as to whether or not the top five is shaken up or if it stays the same moving forward.