How to wall jump in Apex Legends to greatly increase mobility

Respawn Entertainment

Players dropping into a match of Apex Legends understand that crisp and diverse movement can be the difference between life or death, but not many have been making full use of the game’s wall jumping mechanic.

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Respawn Entertainment launched their battle royale with an incredible cast of characters who each bring their own twist to King’s Canyon. Since the game’s February 4 release, players have been finding the best tricks and strats to improve their games.

Although wall jumping has been in the game since the beginning, a lot of players haven’t been fully utilizing the technique. By not doing so, they’re not using a whole tool in their arsenal to get the better of their opponents.

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Respawn EntertainmentMaking the most out of your movement can keep you in King’s Canyon longer.

How to wall jump in Apex Legends

In a video, YouTuber ‘Mokeysniper’ made a compilation of how to perfect long and purposeful strides off most vertical surfaces while competing in the Apex Games.

  1. Sprint toward a “blank wall”
  2. Slide
  3. Jump
  4. Let go of “Forward
  5. Jump the moment you make contact with the wall

No two wall jumps are the same, and the YouTuber showed how to get a greater leap off the wall using some movement. As soon as the player gets out of their slide and jumps to toward the wall, “as soon as you leave the ground move into the direction you want to travel.”

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While the YouTuber admitted that the wall jumping is certainly “niche,” the movement Mokeysniper displays in his video is impressive and would make anyone a harder target to gun down.

(Timestamp at 1:11 for mobile viewers)

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Movement is crucial in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a fantastic battle royale that uses solid shooting mechanics, but upon launch some fans noted how clunky the movement could sometimes feel.

Since then players have been finding all sorts of techniques to move around King’s Canyon more effectively and creatively by bunny hopping, getting the faster drop speed at the start of a match, and so much more.

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Respawn EntertainmentEven though there are Legends who are naturally mobile, tips like wall jumping can make any character easier to navigate with.

Outgunning an opponent is the best case scenario to win out in the Apex Games, but when caught in a dire situation mixing up your movement will make it more challenging to take you down.

Mastering every technique in Apex Legends like wall jumping could definitely help out to keep players in the game for a lot longer.