Apex Legends trick lets you slide instantly without running

Alan Bernal

Players can be routinely seen sliding down the hillsides and slopes in Apex Legends, and while that’s an effective way of getting around there isn’t always time to find a downhill during the heat of battle.

Apex Legends has firefights that breakout at blistering speeds which demand players to make quick decisions on their feet. The push and pull of battle can force players to scramble for cover at a moment’s notice.

For players that find themselves locked in a fight with no cover, mixing up their movement could be the saving grace to getting an advantage over their foes on King’s Canyon.

Respawn EntertainmentSlide without having to worry about a lead up run.

In a Reddit post, user ‘grilled_steez’ gave the Apex Legends community a heads up on a little known mechanic in the game that offers a surprising amount of versatility when maneuvering in and around an engagement.

“If you didn’t already know: you can initiate a slide without sprinting by jumping in a direction and hitting crouch button in the air,” grilled_steez said. “It is very useful for when you have to reload and you’re not behind cover”

The clip shows the player forcing the initiative on a battered squad, but when they were mere bullets away from finishing off the enemy Pathfinder, their clip ran empty on both weapons.

Instead of trying to run up and hit them in the face like most of us would, the player instead hopped up and slid away to cover, giving them a safe chance to reload then killing off the enemy.

Members of the community were impressed with grilled_steez’s movement and were fascinated they hadn’t known before, with one person saying: “I am about to hit Diamond IV in ranked and was not aware of this until now lol.”

Other players might want to put a sticky note on their monitor that this is an option, as one person hilariously noted: “The annoying thing about this is, I know that I need to do it, I know how to do it, and when I do it I do it pretty perfect to get into cover for the reload. The issue is, I never bloody remember to do it.”

Respawn EntertainmentThe spontaneous slide can definitely open the opportunities to surprise an opponent.

In either case, using the move without a run up is a terrific arsenal to be equipped with, and players looking to incorporate it in their game should get some practice slides in before engaging on a team.

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