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Apex Legends leak reveals new “moon” map with incredible skybox

Published: 23/Mar/2022 15:08 Updated: 23/Mar/2022 15:09

by Alex Garton


An Apex Legends leak has showcased a new “Divided Moon” map in the early stages of development that has a breathtaking skybox set in space.

Since the arrival of Storm Point back in Season 11, Apex Legends players have been speculating about where Respawn is going to take the Apex Games next.

With so many incredible and interesting locations embedded into the game’s lore, there are countless map locations the devs could choose.

However, a set of leaks may have unveiled where players are going to be battling in a future season, and it appears to be set in space on a moon-like planet.


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The screenshot shows a map of the early stages of development.

New Apex Legends “Divided Moon” map leaked

Posted to the ApexUncovered subreddit in February by XJust_be_niceX, the leak shows a brand new map set in space in the middle of what appears to be an asteroid belt.

While the screenshot does reveal that the location is still in the early stages of development, the skybox is incredibly impressive compared to any of the other maps in the current rotation.

Next map (moon map) from ApexUncovered

During another set of leaks that arrived in March, a video of the Divided Moon map surfaced, giving the community a closer look at specific POIs.

While the map is clearly in the early stages of development, it’s still exciting to be given a glimpse of what the devs have been working on.


Some Reddit users who have seen the leak have theorized that Divided Moon could be located on Typhon. However, this has not been confirmed by the leaker and is just speculation at this point.

It’s worth noting that although KralRindo is credited for the clip below, the dataminer has denied that they were the source of the leaks.

New Map Gameplay. Divided Moon…Early-Mid Stages. If it matches other map releases then Season 15 but who knows? from ApexUncovered




It’s safe to say from looking at the size of the overall area that Respawn is planning on releasing Divided Moon as a BR map.

As with any leak, it’s worth taking the video with a pinch of salt as it’s possible this could be an old design or just a concept that Respawn is no longer working on.


Not only that, the leaker themselves has only popped up recently, so it’s hard to know whether they’re a reliable source.

Despite this, the thought of going to space in Apex is definitely an exciting prospect, so let’s hope the devs are planning on adding the “Dvidied Moon” map soon, as it’d be a shame for that skybox to go to waste.