Apex Legends confirms new Broken Moon map for Season 15

Apex Legends Moon mapRespawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends map called Broken Moon has officially been announced by Respawn and will arrive in Season 15.

Since the arrival of Storm Point back in Season 11, Apex Legends players have been speculating about where Respawn is going to take the Apex Games next.

With so many incredible and interesting locations embedded into the game’s lore, there are countless map locations the devs could choose.

Well, on October 17, Respawn finally revealed that the ‘Broken Moon’ map based on Boreas’ moon Cleo will be coming with Eclipse.

Apex Legends moon mapRespawn Entertainment
Respawn announced the new map on October 17.

Broken Moon map coming in Apex Legends Season 15

On October 17, Respawn announced that Season 15, or Eclipse would be arriving on November 1. This major update is going to bring the new Legend Catalyst to the roster and of course, a brand new map.

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The new map is called Broken Moon and according to the devs, is “slightly larger” than Worlds Edge but also has significantly bigger POIs.

This design decision was made to attempt to stop hot-dropping and create more evenly-paced matches. On top of this, players can use a new travel system called zip rails to rotate around the map.

Although these are speedy and efficient, they’ve been described as “high-risk high reward” by the devs, so you’re certainly putting yourself at risk using them.

As showcased in the Eclipse Gameplay Trailer above, Broken Moon’s POIs are all diverse and contain a variety of structures to navigate.

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It’s obvious the devs took a different direction with Broken Moon compared to Storm Point and want to avoid the low-action mid-games that often occur on the tropical map.

Whether they’ve succeeded in that goal is a mystery for now, but with Season 15 dropping on November 1, we won’t have to wait long to find out.