How do zip rails work in Apex Legends? New map mechanic explained

zip rail in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment

Zip rails have been added to Apex Legends in Season 15 with the launch of Broken Moon. If you thought zip lines were getting boring and old, this new system throws some curves into the mix ⁠— literally. Here’s how they work.

Zip lines have been a staple of Apex Legends since release. Players have used them to traverse the various maps the Apex Games take place on, either finding new heights or making quick horizontal, straight-line rotations.

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In Season 15 they’re getting a facelift with all-new zip rails ⁠— with bigger and better technology ⁠— launching as part of new map Broken Moon in Apex Legends.

Not only are they faster, but they also go around corners and can aid teams with quick rotates around the new map. Here’s how zip rails work, and how to best use them in Apex Legends.

What are zip rails in Apex Legends?

Zip rails are like the zip lines you know and love in Apex Legends, but with more speed. Respawn equated them to a “rollercoaster” flying around the edges of the map, allowing for easy rotations.

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“Think of them as a transit network with predetermined routes and stops,” lead level designer Jeff Shaw said. “They function really similarly to zip lines, but you get increased speed and momentum so they’re a lot of fun to play with that way. They can also bank and curve around corners.

“They’re a rollercoaster, high-risk, high-reward rotational tool.”

a zip rail on broken moon in apex legendsRespawn Entertainment
These zip rails can be spotted all over Broken Moon.

It’s important to note traveling on the zip rails doesn’t make you immortal in Apex Legends. It’s like a regular zip line in that regard ⁠— your accuracy will be impacted, and you can also be a sitting duck for enemies to shoot at.

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However they can be used in ways other than rotating. Because you can only hop on lines at predetermined points, you can camp out stops to ambush teams. Zip rails are also really effective at getting out of a sticky situation at speed, or chasing a weak foe.

“Zip rails have really added this vector of depth and strategy to the experience,” Shaw continued. “Commonly you might use them to go from one point to another, but you can also use them in a bunch of other ways.

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“You can use them to escape from danger or aid you to make a quick decisive push when you have a shield break or an advantage. You can play strong defense on them and ambush people at the end. They’re super fun and they generate plenty of these memorable moments.”

Maps with zip rails in Apex Legends

Currently, zip rails are exclusive to Broken Moon as of the launch of Apex Legends Season 15. However, Respawn haven’t ruled out bringing them to more maps as they try to diversify the battle royale experience and create different environments.

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