Players criticize “shameless” Apex Legends over $10 spray

Apex Legends Holo-sprayRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players have voiced their disbelief after seeing a Loba holospray listed for 1000 Apex Coins in the Store, which works out at the equivalent of $10 in real money.

Plenty of battle royale titles have sprays in their cosmetics lineups, whether it’s Fortnite or CSGO, and they’re usually considered to be ‘filler’ items. Even in Apex Legends, where players get futuristic holosprays, they’re still not that popular.

While most of these holosprays can be unlocked in Apex Packs or by spending Crafting Metals, they do sometimes appear in the Store, where players can use the premium Apex Coins currency to purchase items if they just can’t wait for them.

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Apex Legends StoreRespawn Entertainment
The ‘Make It Look Easy’ spray appeared in the Apex Legends Store.

This might be common practice for desirable skins and new playable Legends, but players were shocked to see Loba’s ‘Make It Look Easy’ holospray with an original price of 1000 Apex Coins in the Store’s featured section on August 11, 2021.

For reference, that’s the equivalent of $10 in real money, and it’s more than the cosmetics-filled Battle Pass (950 Apex Coins) or new playable Legends (750 Apex Coins) cost to unlock.

While the holospray is currently marked as 50% off, at a still-expensive 500 Apex Coins, many players have taken to the Apex Legends subreddit to shared their disbelief that a holospray could ever cost that much in the first place.

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“This is the only game where a spray can cost just as much as a legendary gun/legend skin. It’s… crazy,” said one Apex Legends player. Another added, “F**king shameless. I love Apex and the devs but the store is a joke.”

A third Reddit user wrote: “Fortnite and Warzone may have packages priced the same as Apex but you damn sure get more than just one skin and one insignificant item.”

The pricing seems even more bizarre when compared to the ‘Code Red Bonus Bundle’ which appeared alongside the holospray. That one offers an Epic skin, a P2020 skin, and 2 Apex Packs for just 500 Apex Coins.

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Of course, no one has to buy the holospray, and it’s not like it actually affects your performance in the game. But it’s easy to see why Apex Legends players have been left confused over the inflated pricing.

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