Apex Legends streamer Lululuvely has perfect response to sexist trolls in Twitch chat

Luluvely twitch streamerTwitch: Lululuvely

For many female streamers, sexist trolls in their chat are a constant plague – but Lululuvely made a complete mockery of one troll with a brilliant clap back.

Trolling is, sadly, a part of the online space that is just about unavoidable. Every streamer, YouTuber or popular online personality gets them.

This seems to be especially true for women, and Twitch chats are no exception. In August, streamers started the “TwitchDoBetter” hashtag to ask for more protection for hate and trolls on the platform.

While many try to simply ignore and push past the trolls, Lulu has taken a more entertaining approach, roasting them mid-stream.

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lululuvely instagram photoInstagram: lululuvely
Lulu didn’t play around when she bit back at these Twitch trolls.

After one viewer asked “who gave women a controller” and suggested that she “should be in the kitchen,” Lululuvely decided to fight fire with fire.

“Alright you man, go build me a roof, you f**king man,” she said. “Shut up wallet. Alright? Where’s my allowance you f**king wallet? Go mow my lawn. You f**king male.”

Grinning the entire time, Lulu also told the troll to “go repair my fence” and to “shut up, wallet, you don’t have rights,” echoing the ‘jokes’ some sexist trolls make about women.

After also telling the viewer to “chop some wood” and to “change her oil,” it’s fair to say that Lulu definitely got the last laugh this time.

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Lulu had to take an extended break from streaming earlier in 2021, largely due to the toxicity she faced online. She said, “I haven’t been in a dark place for a long time, but this community pushes me over the edge.”

Thankfully, after her break, Lulu has returned to streaming, and remains one of the most popular content creators in the Apex Legends community.