Apex Legends helmets are getting a major buff in Season 13

Alec Mullins
helmets in apex legends

The patch notes for Apex Legends Season 13 revealed some major updates to the game. From helmet buffs to syringe and shield cell nerfs, these are some of the most important things to know before dropping into the fight. 

It’s fair to say that helmets have been something of a touchy subject in the Apex Legends community.

While some players might be completely satisfied with how effective the lifesaving item was in previous seasons, there’s more than one group that has been vocal in calling for either a buff or a complete overhaul to the current system.

Respawn hasn’t taken it to the extreme quite yet, but the latest patch notes make it clear that the devs agreed it was time for a change.

Apex Legends helmets set for big buff in Season 13 Saviors

helmets in Apex Legends
Respawn has some good news for anyone who is tired of getting shredded by head hunters.

At the top of the list of changes to health and survivability items is an increased amount of protection from headshots.

Both the Blue and Purple rarity helmets saw significant bumps, with the former going up by 10% and the latter boosted by 15%.

  • Blue helmet headshot damage reduction increased from 40% to 50%
  • Purple helmet headshot damage reduction increased from 50% to 65%

Combined with the new Kraber nerfs, players will have a lot more of a fighting chance against every gun in the game.

In order to even that out though, the devs have also dropped the spawn rate for shield cells and syringes down by a good amount as well.

According to the notes, both items will drop 18% less often in Season 13 than they did in Season 12.

So while you might be able to physically handle a headshot better than ever before, there is still a lot to be concerned about.

Thankfully, Newcastle will be joining the fight right on time to drag players to safety and get them back on their feet and ready to fight.

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