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Apex Legends players want major equipment changes to overhaul loot pool

Published: 27/Mar/2022 11:48

by Connor Bennett


Apex Legends players have suggested a pretty massive overhaul to knockdown shields and helmets, as they want Respawn to make them work in a similar manner to Evo Shields. 

All the way back in Season 4, Respawn Entertainment made a pretty big change to Apex Legends when they ditched the original body shields and made Evo Shields a full-time thing.

It has proven to be a pretty popular change ever since, as it’s allowed players to be more aggressive in fights and has also cleaned up the loot pool in the process – with the latter being something that Respawn has talked about wanting to do more.


Well, if they’re still desiring to tweak the loot pool and do away with some unnecessary items, players have got a suggestion that follows the Evo Shield formula, and it could be pretty successful.

Apex Legends Evo Shields
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn is constantly tweaking Apex Legends based on player feedback, like in the case of making Evo Shields a permanent feature.

The item was put out there by Redditor IntelligentImbicle, who suggested that the devs could remove Knockdown Shields and Helmets from the loot pool, making them items that you start with.

In the Redditor’s idea, players would level up their Knockdown Shields and Helmets alongside their Evo Shield, with them progressing from grey to blue, before being capped at purple. Though, they’d leave the gold variants in the loot pool, given their bonus abilities.


It didn’t take long for other players to chime in with their support either, urging Respawn to make the change. “Helmets should definitely be Evo,” said one. “Would be nice to not have to choose between helmet and backpack in the crafter,” added another.

What if knockdown shields and helmets were tied to evo shield level (up to purple), removing them (except for the gold variants, that would still be on the ground) from the loot pool? from apexlegends

One player pointed out that the change was also have a knock-on effect for the legends, with Lifeline’s care package ability getting a slight buff, given it wouldn’t have blue or purple armor inside anymore.

At the end of the day, though, such a change can only be made by Respawn and would require some serious testing to get right. Though, it’s not completely ridiculous to think that it could be a thing in-game.