Apex Legends gives new character Newcastle a “dad bod” for cool dad representation

Lauren Bergin

All eyes are on the latest addition to Apex Legends, Newcastle, but his physique isn’t quite what many would expect from a hardened warrior. Respawn have explained why.

With Apex Legends Season 12 coming to a close and the dust settling on Mad Maggie‘s debut, a new challenger lurks on the Season 13 horizon: Newcastle.

A seasoned veteran like his sister, Bangalore, the Apex Games’ newest hero may have combat skills that send his enemies fleeing, but at his core, he’s a family man through and through.

Turns out that explains his physique; something that has surprised a host of players. While once upon a time he was a strapping young soldier, family life has taken its toll on this fearsome defender, leaving him with a dad body that Respawn’s Lead Concept Designer, Cristina Ferez, describes as being completely intentional.

apex legends newcastle with bangalore and lifeline on storm point
Newcastle will need to work on his fitness coming into the Apex Games.

Apex Legends dev explains Newcastle’s dad bod

While the male (and sometimes female) poster children of most games feature rippling muscles and perfectly toned physiques, Ferez explains why Newcastle won’t be rocking a six pack.

Highlighting that the Apex Games’ newest Legend “started a new family under a guise,” he’s put on a few pounds while living the chilled out, white picket fence lifestyle.

This isn’t the only reason for his dad bod, though. As seen in the ‘Stories from the Outlands: Hero’ cinematic (embedded below), Newcastle is a dedicated father, whose motivation for being in the Apex Games is his family’s safety. He’s the ‘cool dad’ he hopes his kids picture him to be, as well as a man set on delivering justice.

Determined to ensure players know that Newcastle is the literal embodiment of the righteous paragon, Respawn have integrated his motivations into his character design.

So while Newcastle may not look quite like the hero we expect, he’s the hero both we and the Apex Games need – especially if you’re a defensive player.

Either way, we can’t wait to dive in and try him out for ourselves. After all, who doesn’t want to play as a cool dad? Cue sunglasses emote.

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