Overwatch 2 player uses dad jokes to prove Ramattra’s a great guy

John Esposito
ramattra in overwatch 2

Ramattra’s exploits are widely known in Overwatch’s lore, as the leader of the Null Sector. However, one player is lobbying for a change of the omnic’s perception, using his voice lines to demonstrate his “good nature.

Outside of its hectic teamplay-centric gameplay, Overwatch presents its player base with a rich narrative that’s kept them invested for years.

Each character has their own story, with deep, meaningful themes and motives that led them into their current positions. One of the game’s more menacing characters, tank hero Ramattra, is no different after years of conflict led him brought him the leadership role of Null Sector.

However, players are rallying to his defense, trying to show a side never seen from the omnic — his humorous good side.

Overwatch 2 player shows Ramattra’s good side

Ramattra’s nature is rather complex as he wishes for a peaceful world for his fellow omnics. However, the oppression of his kind from humans has led him and his fellows to war.

That said, the “tides of war” are changing. Overwatch player Extra_Landscape74 shows Ramattra amidst a renaissance of sorts, as his voice lines are perfectly inserted into peaceful everyday activities in this lighthearted mashup.

Ramattra the salesman says “I will give you shelter,” as he finalizes a house sale to a young couple. “Supper, Isaiah,” he shouts, as he sheds his disdain for humanity to feed a young lad. Funnily enough, the prior statement is a remix of his ultimate voice line: “Suffer as I have.

Of course, the meme gets a little bit too literal. “Little soldiers,” he says to himself as he surveys the iconic green soldiers. There’s also “devour them,” as he’s presented with a handful of gummy bears. He even goes on to tend his garden by planting sunflowers: “Put them in the ground!”

Fans loved the meme and the change of heart from Overwatch 2’s tank. “God I love these types of memes about Rammatra’s voice lines,” one user replied. “This is the best post of all time,” another said.

Needless to say, there are two sides to every Overwatch 2 character, Ramattra included.