Fortnite player claims Peter Griffin skin “saved” his parents’ marriage

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite players in awe of how hot "GigaChad" Peter Griffin is

A Fortnite player claims that the newly released Peter Griffin skin saved his parents’ marriage. Here’s more about it and how the community reacted.

Players of all ages from around the world have made Fortnite one of the most famous Battle Royale games out there. Marvel superheroes, musical artists like The Weeknd, and other notable celebrities and brands have all collaborated with the Epic Games title in the past.

One of the most anticipated collaborations between Fortnite and the popular TV show Family Guy arrived in the most recent Chapter 5 Season 1 with the addition of a ripped Peter Griffin skin in the seasonal Battle Pass. You can also find this character on the map as an NPC boss, and can also get a Society Medallion and a Mythic weapon if you manage to defeat him.

Peter Griffin boss Fortnite
The Peter Griffin boss can be found and eliminated at Snooty Steppes.

Many have praised and criticized the skin, but one Fortnite player even went so far as to say that the collaboration saved their parents’ marriage.

Fortnite player thanks Peter Griffin skin for saving his parents’ marriage

Sharing their story on Reddit, a user said how Peter Griffin in Fortnite saved their parents’ marriage. The player described the situation and said, “My parents are divorced, and yesterday they were arguing at my dad’s house about whom I would be with next week. This stuff usually happens a lot, so I drown it out by playing Fortnite in the living room.”

They continued, “Out of nowhere, my dad goes, “Is that f*****g Peter Griffin in your game?” and I go yeah cuz it is. I was in the lobby as Peter and my dad thought it was funny. My mom started bursting out laughing and they both made fun of the way he looked because he’s not fat in Fortnite.”

While the story itself is bittersweet, the player concluded by saying, “The conversation between my parents started to lighten up, and my dad just said my mom can have me Sunday night. I just heard that mom’s coming over to watch the Super Bowl with me and my dad too. It’s so weird that they’re acting nicely with each other, but it’s good.”

As the story doesn’t exactly “save the marriage”, one user commented, “Well they’re divorced, so a little too late to save their (first) marriage. Hopefully, everything goes well at the Super Bowl and your parents get back together, though, man! Rooting for y’all.”

Another chimed in like Peter and Lois, “‘Petah this is the most reckless thing you’ve done’. ‘Oh cmon what about that time I fixed this guy’s marriage.'” A third user commented on this incident to be a “common Peter W.”

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